Metavalent Stigmergy

How New Default Consensus Realities Instantiate


06/19/08 Finally smashing all the mirrors and physically moving all databases over from .info to .com. If you can’t see this message, at least you’ll know why. Yes, I know … right … it’s called a “joke,” however poorly executed.

12/1/07 Perhaps inadvertently, and yet quite directly, a well respected friend reminded me this past week that We Are The Fringe Thinkers and Drivers of the Truly Novel and Innovative. It occurred to me that throughout history, the huddled masses who gravitate to the safety of the fattest portion of the bell curve have feared us on The Fringe and we The Fringe has been befuddled by them. We should be well past all this by now, and must be well past it if we are to be effective, benign, and benevolent co-architects of the dawning posthuman future. We are finally aware of who we are and where we stand in relation to The Crowd. It is time to become comfortable in our own creative and clownish skins and do the best we can to benefit the most humans possible, whether others understand us, or not. It is time.

11/15/07 It seems only fitting that during one of the most turbulent and erratically volatile expiration weeks in some time, metavalent achieves domain name metavalence. Yes, today, after years of waiting patiently for the subvalent domain name squatters to run out of steam, we have acquired,, and … for the next ten years, at least. For now, they’re just mirrors of, but we continue to hold The Wider Context highly suspect. Ultimately, what it all means is up to every one of us. Some will always say that no good can possibly come of new possibilities; but don’t be surprised if the children who stand to benefit most, beg to differ.<blockquote>Maia Skouris: “You’re wrong mom. We are in control now. It’s better that way.”</blockquote>Which memes will achieve metavalence and by which methods? One might suspect that essential brain reengineering will be achieved via multiple permutations and variations of biophysical, chemical, nanomechanical, and cognitive means. But our vision is hopelessly muddled by various prediction biases. Could Douglas Adams have got it right all along? Can we only be “saved” by an AGI-powered Infinite Improbability Drive? Only our increasing diverse and complex posthuman future will know for sure.

05/05/07 Assert your individual metavalence at Get a email address and gain access to more metagoogle apps than you could ever need.

11/12/06 Because I only meddle with this blogging stuff in my spare time, it took almost two weeks to more-or-less transfer the ideological core of the site from blogger to wordpress. Wordpress has a far superior architectural approach and it’s well worth the few hours that it takes to get acquainted with the dashboard. I’d still call the migration only 70% complete, but that’s enough to definitely give the wordpress platform a passing grade and well on the way to exceedingly high marks. To keep building something worthy of the platform, well, that’s another story altogether.

10/31/06 Thank you for your patience as i complete the migration from blogger to wordpress. This new platform is still relatively sparse, but please rest assured that i will gradually bring the rest of the former content over to this new platform; hopefully, in a more coherent overall structure. The CATEGORIES feature is especially useful in this regard, but it may take some time to go back and categorize all 500 past posts.