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How New Default Consensus Realities Instantiate

A Post-Automation Era Pi Day

Let’s celebrate with the post-pandemic Share-the-Pi Act of 2021

The fact that I’m writing in this space, using these tools, and that you are reading this text, by way of the affordances of your tools, is all the empirical evidence required to demonstrate beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we have successfully achieved a great deal of the Star Trek technology that all Americans have grown up with, beginning with late Boomers and Gen-X.

We’ve built the technology, but for some reason continue to chafe and kick against the Star Trek post-scarcity, post-automation economy. Why is that? What are the fearful, greedy, and ignorant toxic memes and thought objects that have blocked public awareness and sensibilities for more than half a century? It’s been more than half a century since republican president Richard Nixon nearly signed Universal Basic Income into law; only to be blocked by the usual oligarchs and labor arbitrageurs. Like so much of history, hindisight is 20/20. Which means that today, we can look back in order to understand and make better choices, today.

Today, in the Post-Automation Era, we are at least half a century beyond the time when America acheived more than enough material and economic abundance, enough pie, for all. For Pi Day 2021, it’s long past time to for a Share The Pi Act to upgrade and modernize to universal Social Security as the most efficient and expedient way to circulate a livable Basic Income, “at levels that sustain life in decent circumstance (MLK),” indexed to 50% per capita GDP. All the math is open source, in the royalty-free book Where We Go From Here: Chaos To Community and in the free PDF for those who need it.

Written on March 14, 2021