Metavalent Stigmergy

How New Default Consensus Realities Instantiate

Mutations of Meaning

“The human species is going through a mutation in the meaning of biological reproduction. The bishops who are imposing orders … are not actually interested in protecting the moral principles they’re citing, they’re protecting their own power. That’s what’s really going on, in my view.” – Former Priest, James Carroll.

Former Priest James Carroll’s “The Truth at the Heart of the Lies.”

On why he’s speaking up, despite the sadly predictable beratings and beatings, Carroll adds, “the (authentic) catholic faith defines my hope.”

FTP, what’s happened, like in America as a whole, is that human institutions and systems have taken on a zombie life of their own. The values that we purport to hold, that we all too often barely feign to practice, have been reduced to marketing slogans; while power-grabbing, fake alpha-male (and female) narcissism has literally infected every corner of society. It’s the .dotfile-like hidden nature of narcissism, which depends upon being undetected in the sufferer themself, that we must get to; ‘su root’ of the psyche, to to get to the root of matter. Else, no systemic reform will ever make a difference, for the same kinds of people will rise to the same levels of power, and the whole vicious cycle will repeat, again and again. We know that this can all change, because while “changes aren’t permanent, change is” (Peart).

We can do this, because the human species is simultaneously going through a mutation in the meaning of what it actually means to be human, in and of itself. How much more fortunate could we be, than to be alive to bear witness to this epochal transition, in this very present moment? The Post-Automation Era.

Written on March 24, 2021