Metavalent Stigmergy

How New Default Consensus Realities Instantiate

All is Full of Love

What does that even mean, in the Post-Automation Era? First, it means the end of intentionally engineered economic precarity by fulfilling the Declaration of Independence pledge to provide for the general welfare with a 21st century universal social security, indexed to 50% per capita GDP.

It means present conditions are Not Good. The pre-pandemic bullsh*t normal that people are about to pretend to go back to is about to blow up in all our faces, unless we do something dramatically different, right now.

At this point, if we are against a policy of universal livable income security for every American, then we are empirically, materially in favor of the economic and social precarity and desperation that fuels All Of This Suffering documented, below.

Go ahead. Be triggered. Shoot the messenger. Whatever it takes to make you feel comfortable, and not late for the next zoom call with all those really important people, instead of spelunking down another internet rabbit hole dug by nobodies like us, right?

A Forked Economic OS

Most readers of this space are well versed in the catechism of creative destruction typical of early industrialization, and that the process has gradually and persistently cultivated this very present moment. This very present moment, amidst a gradually and then suddenly all at once, irreparablely f’d’up, pwned fork of capitalism that drives the prices of everything lower. Including the price of human beings themselves. “The average price of a slave, worldwide, is $90,” reports Dr. Kate Transchel. The lowest it has ever been in history (7:40). Disposable People. That was a decade ago, and if one believes that conditions have improved with a pandemic, well, there are no words.

Supply and Demand

What is the current structure actually supplying, and who’s demands is it fulfilling? Intentionally engineered economic procurity renders programmatically predictable results.


Humans are either in favor of Universal Economic Social Security in the Post-Automation Era or directly supporting and encouraging the continuation of all human suffering experiences documented in the vídeos, below.

In a dualistic realm, unfortunately these dualisms do exist. :yin_yang:

The desperation of having shelter and food held hostage in exchange for coerced labor, drives all of the worst abuses against human beings in the richest culture in the history of the world. No opinions. Just the facts, ma’am.

But as always, don’t believe me. Look at all of this for yourself, and decide.

If It Ain’t Broke

Don’t fix it, right? Except, clearly, when prescription drug addiction and suicide are the leading causes of death, it is broke. Then the saying becomes, if it is broke, how do we fix it?

First, the overwhelmingly obvious and yet inertially elusive fact is that we don’t have to keep doing what we’ve always done. Please, watch the following. Listen. Learn. Find out if there isn’t still a functional heart somewhere inside, waiting to grow, like a Techno-Grinch that Stole Consciousness.

These are the direct lived experiences of human beings in your society, our society. We can choose not to look at them, if that makes us more comfortable, of course. After all, life’s purpose is to maximize our comfort, right? Or, maybe there’s a little bit more to it.

Our Fundamental Beliefs

“I began to believe that the best I could hope for was a pimp that didn’t beat me. A Romeo pimp.”

Or, if you’ve managed to negotiate the corporate world, a Romeo boss. One that doesn’t lear, scream, berate, triangulate, manipulate, and steal your ideas and present them as their own, as so many of our common esteemed former colleagues have. I own my part, finally, I let them. Not even going to try to go into the details of documenting and proving. Don’t need to. We know our own direct experience, and it ain’t about us, anyway. Just, noting direct experience, not opinion, or conjecture.

In the end, whether all is full of love, or all is full of b***, all of the following is on all of us, one way or another. Sorry, not sorry; exactly the same as you are, aren’t. Because we’re the same, me and you. Perhaps the only difference is that I seem to only be capable of these trivial tasks, found within reach of the highly constricted range of my numerous personal incapabilities.

Oh, These Are The People in Your Neighborhood

Watch Hidden in Plain Sight if the embed below misbehaves.

Watch Truth Behind the Smile if the embed below misbehaves.

Watch I was human trafficked for 10 years if the embed below misbehaves.

Watch Pr0n Epidemic if the embed below misbehaves.

Watch Sex Trafficking if the embed below misbehaves.

Watch Domestic Trafficking if the embed below misbehaves.

Watch The Face of Human Trafficking if the embed below misbehaves.


Watch Have You Ever Met a Monster if the embed below misbehaves.

“… and when you can’t afford a new couch and you can’t afford to break your lease and move, then you’re forced to live with reminders of your worst nightmare.” — Amy Herdy

So you see, the insistence that some expert futurist or central Wall Street / Silicon Valley planning committees can perfectly anticipate everyone else’s present and future asset needs, instead of respecting the urgency, flexibility, and [fluidity of regularly circulated currency], is almost incomprehensible. And, intentional or not, that approach is entirely complicit in cultivating conditions as they continue to exist in this very moment, as above, and below.

Watch Popping Your Bubbles if the embed below misbehaves. This is a special one, because wait for the part where, “a woman came over and said …” So you know what? We’re also done with the misandry.

Watch Justice for child victims. I’ve been so deeply disturbed to observe this happening on Big Island. Grotesque. Terrifying.

Is All Full of Love my cyborg ʻohana? If so, what does that mean in terms of what we can do about it, in this very moment.


Finally, we all understand the Truth of What Happens for Telling the Truth in the pre-pandemic world.

Thankfully, we don’t live there anymore. Let’s move on, with liberty and justice, for all.

Written on April 12, 2021