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Experiment - FeedWordPress Syndication Plugin

In cooperation with, the singularity community news ranking site, we’re experimenting with the FeedWordPress plugin and the ZoOoV feeds. Initially, it appears that the subject of new posts to OnSingularity are appearing in the blogstream, here, but they are not linking to either OnSingularity or the the post’s intended destination. Thanks for your patience while we experiment with this.

FYI, the “syndicated” will differentiate any such content so that readers may clearly know what originated here and where credit belongs elsewhere. A little more about OnSingularity, from the about page:<blockquote>On Singularity is a community for news and discussions around the Technological Singularity, futurism, transhumanism, and emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnology, and nanotechnology.

This is a social news Web site. It’s “social” because the community decides what news is worth reading. While browsing the Web, if you come across an interesting article that you like to share, you can use one of our tools to quickly and easily send the link here in a few seconds. The story will be listed on the home page and others will vote on it to push the best to the top (see video on the site).</blockquote>

Written on January 26, 2008