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How New Default Consensus Realities Instantiate

7 August 2008

Inventing a Hyper Macro Redefraggregation Engine of All Things

by metavalent

Let’s see … how many years has Gmail been “beta” now? I don’t know and have stopped caring.

Gmail Forever Beta

Today, it feels as if we’re simply kind of sort of stuck here; enduring the pre-posthuman multi-singularity-potentiated interim age of a perceptually perpetual socio-technological heisenbergian beta state. Mixing, matching, remixing, recanting, testing, trying, and sticking with whatever works.

All in the most scientifically rigorous manner possible, of course.

Particularly with respect to this interpipe webcloud thingie space or whatever.

Yes, it feels like our emergent globo-consciousness is in The Developmental Stage That Will Never End; yet logic, reason, direct observation, and even intuition converge to convincingly convince us otherwise. Of that much, we are certainly pretty sure.

For the most part.

So, today I’m dreaming of and looking for a hyper macro redefraggregator for all my past five years of increasingly splinterneted aggregational efforts to acquire, integrate, contextualize, and assign actionable meaning to the panoptic firehoses of information all seemingly trained upon the individual netizen with the precision of one of those massive solar thermal arrays.

PG&E Largest Solar Thermal

If you know what that means then you know what I mean. If not, I’ll try to disentangle it, but no guarantees. Maybe as a result, even I will understand what I’m getting at here, myself.

The proposed HMR has to be fully backward compatible with every widget, plugin, add-on, stream, feed, tag, pod, snurl, pushed, dugg, and *ML-ized over the past five years or so.

The challenge is to re-conceptualize, re-frame, drop 10 zeros from our cognitive currency, and yet, build upon on the most stable and scaleable of all web thinglets that have evolved, to date.

With that in mind, we want to remember that deceptively low-tech tag clouds are one of the most beautiful ASCII implementations of similar aspirations and should not be under appreciated as we think about such things. We should also re-read everything by Edward Tufte, maybe, just as a refresher course.

Maybe I should have done that prior to writing this. Yeah, probably so.

And Aurora seems to be heading in the right direction in a very exciting and inspirational way, yet somehow still feels too constricted by gravity. I understand that complaining about gravity isn’t exactly helpful; that we have to learn to walk before we run; and that technology is cumulative; feeds and tags and clouds, etc., each only made sense AFTER extracting and extending the meaning of the previous layers’s’s’s potentials.

Maybe I just want a tag cloud for the Megite of my

Then again, maybe I’m just wishing for the information processing equivalent of the flying car; a concept that seems obvious, except when you try to actually implement it.