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DARPA Urban Challenge Winners - CMU


Absofreakinglutely Awesome.

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As reported by Advanced Nano, Stanford Racing was not able to hold on to its Grand Challenge title, falling just behind first place winners Tartan Racing from Carnegie Mellon. The great thing about prize-driven (no pun intended) technology competitions of all kinds is that entire industries emerge as big winners. Congratulations to all the participants; to even accomplish inclusion in such an impressively challenging event is a lifetime achievement worthy great individual and collective pride. Well done!

Yes, I include the AGI tag on this one, because if a car that can drive all by itself all around a busy city doesn’t qualify as “intelligent” then you as a driver don’t qualify. Notwithstanding, I do fully recognize the anecdotal human sub-population of drivers for whom intelligence is apparently not a licensing requirement.

Written on November 5, 2007