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Waiting for the Bionic Man

The author’s site lists this article as Waiting for the Bionic Man, so maybe Wired applied some kind of proprietary troll-baiting re-title algorithm to bump up the irritated enthusiast click through rate, or something: “A True Bionic Limb Remains Far Out of Reach.” Whatever. @MikeChorost’s report is a fanstastic reality update to the previous post and indeed, all the content of this blog. We need much more of this to Get There!

From the article:

  1. Hypothetically, a neurally controlled prosthesis would begin with a brain interface, a chip capable of picking up complex signals from the user’s brain.
  2. A computer would translate those signals into orders for the arm—”move up,” “bend my elbow,” “turn my wrist.”
  3. Motors in the joints would move the arm smoothly in response to commands from the computer.
  4. Sensors in the arm would feed information on its position and movement through the computer and into the chip in the user’s brain.
Written on March 26, 2012