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Let Olympic Games Be Doped -

This article delves deeper into the position I was alluding to in a recent Talk of the Nation Science Friday in Second Life.

I don’t see my role in SL as some arrogant self-appointed magistrate of truth; rather, I’m experimenting with the role of harbinger of emerging debates and potentialities. This topic serves as a great example of that unofficial, unaffiliated, volunteer role.

Findings - With Drug Testing System Broken, Let Olympic Games Be Doped -<blockquote>Before you dismiss this notion, consider what we’re stuck with today. The system is ostensibly designed to create a level playing field, protect athletes’ health and set an example for children, but it fails on all counts.

The journal Nature, in an editorial in the current issue, complains that “antidoping authorities have fostered a sporting culture of suspicion, secrecy and fear” by relying on unscientifically calibrated tests, like the unreliable test for synthetic testosterone that cost Floyd Landis his 2006 Tour de France victory. </blockquote>

Written on August 14, 2008