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How New Default Consensus Realities Instantiate (aka, #WT5GF of #DCNRs)

15 July 2008

Network for Open Scientific Innovation

by metavalent

Apparently, it’s Open Source and Open Science day today. This leads me to begin thinking about how we might apply similar principles to economics. <blockquote>The Network for Open Scientific Innovation is founded upon the belief, no, the unshakeable certainty, that creativity, love, and intelligence can solve any problem. Recent years have seen technological revolutions in informatics, communications, and the life sciences. Sadly, this rapid progress has not been matched by a revolution in the democratization of scientific problem solving.</blockquote>While it can be argued that interdisciplinary interpolation is often fraught with opportunities for false analogies and preconceived, hyperbolic, or frenetically idealized biases based upon what we wish would transfer over, but will not or can not cross the chasm between disciplines – enough good has come from breaking the mold with such thought experiments as to continually draw me back into the fray. As always, one must know one’s own cognitive Risk Profile and Time Horizon for achieving one’s own net Return On Intelligence objectives.

What is it that I hope to achieve via employment of my unique intelligence? Hmmm, interesting question, maybe.