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How New Default Consensus Realities Instantiate

Get Your Home Genome Kit in time for the Holidays

Find out more about Personalized Genetics at the ScienceRoll blog. Blog author Bertalan (Berci) Meskó is a Finalist for an Eddie Award in the Best Individual Blog category, where he writes:<blockquote>I’m a 23-year-old Hungarian medical student and I’m the author of the blog I try to help medical students, physicians, medical librarians and health care lawyers to get closer to the world of Medicine 2.0. Medicine 2.0 is the combination of medical education and the tools of web 2.0. I share medical tools, sites with them; write reviews about web 2.0 based medical community sites and I’m also the co-organizer of several medical projects in Second Life. I help coordinating medical exercices for medical students and I also organize sessions in the Scifoo lives on scientific conference in the virtual world. I hope that medical professionals find my blog useful and innovative. Berci Meskó, Hungary.</blockquote>

Written on December 4, 2007