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Book TV to Rebroadcast Kurzweil Interview

If you missed it, Book TV’s In Depth: Ray Kurzweil will re-air on Monday, Nov. 6 at 12am EST and Saturday, Nov. 11 at 11am EST.

I sent an email question to the live show asking for comments on Aubrey de Grey’s approach of engineering negligible senescence at SENS.ORG. Yes, in part it was a shamelessly cheap attempt to spam the C-SPAN caller line with the SENS message, but more importantly because I’m interested in seeing both Kurzweil’s extended research staff and groupies and de Grey’s extended research staff and groupies actively sharing ideas and technologies in this important work.

As I see it, these two strategic thought leaders represent distinctive and imperatively interdependent roles in accelerating the difficult work of applied radical life extension. While the email didn’t get read verbatim, the conversation did move to Radical Life Extension about five minutes after I sent the message; probably just a coincidence. Of course, since it always feeds the narcissistic ego to think that one had some influence on the course of the conversation, I’d like to interpret the timely on-air use of specific language in the subject line of my message as evidence of glancing participation, anyway.

Blatant narcissism aside, Kurzweil’s comments about radical life extension unambiguously supported the engineering intervention approach that SENS is taking, even if I didn’t succeed in getting the URL broadcast on-air. :)

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Written on November 5, 2006