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How New Default Consensus Realities Instantiate

5 May 2007

The University is Irrelevant and relatively soon thereafter, Society as well

by metavalent

Tutorom, taken to one histrionic logical extreme, might entirely obviate the idea of university as an institution for learning. The university archetype will likely continue to be effective as a utilitarian metaphor for productive civil interaction and exchange between diverse consciousnesses; each progressing along or across a spectrum of developmental and innate trajectories and capabilities. However, to the extent that self-directed and motivated information acquisition and synthesis plays a role in the individual development of sentient entities within that context, the Tutorom model presents an interesting method for encouraging and monetizing the free-flow of certain specific categories of information and knowledge.

While I’m still working on the best algorithms for encoding, decoding, and presenting the results of this particular electro-chemical mushy matrix of gray matter, if the ideas in this blog continue to seem just beyond immediate comprehension, I apologize and promise to work harder to try and express some of the more ineffable intuitions in more plain language. Some might count it irresponsible to waste so much time purely goofing off with neural circuitry that could clearly be applied to more rigorous and structured pursuits; and they may be right. The only rationale that presently comes to mind is that some node has to to run these particular permutated derivative simulations, and as soon as Nick Bostrom or one of his posse provides me with an utterly unimpeachable, meticulously documented, reverse-engineered root-cause-analysis of the nature of Free Will – then I will happily explain my own rationale in undertaking such seemingly juvenile, or even megalomaniacal narcissistic outrecuidance.

Defensive self-deprecating aggrandizement aside, what is the nature, purpose, and relevance of the concept of “society” in an uploaded Ubik-quitous existence, anyway? Good fences have always made good neighbors in the meat-puppet world; but where we’re heading, it’s way beyond strawberry fields forever, my friends. Am I really even half as ready as I think I am? Are you?<blockquote>No one is on my wavelength, I mean, it’s either too high or too low; That is you can’t you know tune in but it’s all right, I mean it’s not too bad. </blockquote>[Editorial Note] Please don’t be surprised if this post makes ZERO sense to you due to the fact that you haven’t visited and absorbed at least 25% to 50% of the web sites and content linked from this site. Mathematics looks like gibberish too, to those who don’t understand the language. So go get your basic education by spending a few weeks or months exploring this site’s blogroll, then please feel free to come back and post your feedback, response, or critique.