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Closer To Truth - Video Archive

Closer To Truth - Video Archive

Robert L. Kuhn guy is an amazingly gifted interviewer and has an unparalleled talent for contextualizing all kinds of complex subjects. Here are a list of programs he’s done, viewable on the internet.

About the Series CLOSER TO TRUTH (CTT) is a new cross-media genre presenting to broad public audiences “Knowledge Affairs” in which the fundamental questions of our times are explored by creative and thoughtful scientists, scholars and artists. CTT, as it is disseminated nationally on public television, in a companion book, on video and audio tapes, and through this unique Web site ( affords the broad U.S., and soon the global community, the opportunity to explore and contribute to the competitive marketplace of fundamental ideas.

CTT was created and organized by Dr. Robert Lawrence Kuhn as a consequence of his long interest in fundamental ideas. He hosts the CTT public television series, which is produced and funded by the Kuhn Foundation. He is joined by Dr. Bruce Murray of Caltech, with a similar life-long interest in fundamental ideas, to lead the development of an innovative Web site integrated into CTT featuring HyperForum, a novel online discourse facility. We aim for CTT to become one of the leading Web sites in the world for serious deliberate discourse on fundamental issues about the human condition.

Written on December 5, 2004