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How New Default Consensus Realities Instantiate

6 November 2007

Today's to-do list - go to the head of the KLAS

by metavalent

Yes, I suggested this just a few weeks back, but after learning directly from Senior Research Fellow Chris Heward at this weekend’s amazing 2007 Foresight Unconference Vision Weekend , it’s clear that participation in this seminal study should become an immediate pressing priority for everyone who considers themselves serious about longevity, SENS, transhumanism, posthumanism, extropian hold-outs, or whatever flavor or living-better-longer that you prefer. As a society and as a species, we desperately need this longitudinal data in order to better understand how to measure the nature and pace of aging in humans. Yes, I will certainly be signing up no later than Q1 2008, as my schedule allows me to make the commitment.

If you already know that you wish to participate in the KLAS Project, please Click Here to send email and immediately learn how or to get more information.

From the KLAS site:<blockquote>The KLAS program is open to all individuals: people of all ages and both genders. There is no limit to the number of participants. Participants may be divided into groups based on their health status to provide additional information for future data analysis.

There are many potential aging interventions under investigation today. While scientists do not expect any “true” anti-aging interventions to be ready for human testing in the near future, eventually, such intervention will become available. Should one of these treatments reach the point where it is ready to be tested, KLAS program participants will be a perfect test population. The aging rate (slope of decline) for KLAS participants will already have been established. Volunteer KLAS participants could start on a potential treatment and the effectiveness of the treatment measured by the change in the slope of the curve. This will be an important contribution to aging research and potentially, the human lifespan.


All enrollees must be willing and able to commit to long-term study participation, minimum of three (3) times over six (6) years. The cost to participate in this study, $2,100.00 per visit, covers the actual costs of testing and reporting and is far below that which would be required elsewhere. Investigators recognize that this may limit the ability to recruit, however without longitudinal data, the study cannot succeed.</blockquote>Now that you know more, do you wish to participate in the KLAS Project? Click Here to send email and immediately learn how or to get more information about how you can become a direct contributor to some of the most important and pertinent scientific data on human aging ever collected.

Even if we don’t immediately reap the benefits ourselves, we can make a tremendous difference by participating in this study and leave perhaps the most lasting legacy of all; one that our children, grandchildren, and their descendants can look back upon with authentic and enlightened gratitude.

If you are able, please join today. Thank you.