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The More Things Meta, the More They Stay the SubSame

Dove Lane reports that the Chinese Mega-Metaverse is Due in 2008:<blockquote>It sounds like a line from a sci-fi novel, but it’s not…

“The world’s largest Communist government is co-developing a 40-square-mile business and recreation complex entirely devoted to the metaverse,” writes Wagner James Au at GigaOm. It projects 150 million worldwide users by 2010! </blockquote>

Meanwhile, just a couple weeks back I attended a U.S. National Defense University event in Second Life. NDU is sponsoring an ongoing series of events under the banner of the Federal Consortium for Virtual Worlds. From the site, “The Federal Consortium for Second Life [sic] is a newly formed group of federal government employees and contractors interested in exploring the use of virtual worlds in government, sharing best practices and policies, creating shared repositories, and networking.”

The next NDU event is April 22-23, 2008.

Written on December 3, 2007