Metavalent Stigmergy

How New Default Consensus Realities Instantiate

One Step Closer to Mainstream

Once you hit the Cringley radar, you’re one step closer to the mainstream radar; and for good reason. It’s this dependable pragmatism which continually re-qualifies Mr. C. to hold the bully pulpit.<blockquote>Rather than a technological Hell or Utopia, the Singularity is likely to leave us still in our sitcom just with different props.</blockquote><blockquote>To me the Singularity feels a lot like Y2K …</blockquote><blockquote>… like every other rite of passage, this one will be both more and less than we expect it to be. Our troubles won’t go away, they’ll just become different troubles.</blockquote><blockquote>The real peril in all this is that our social, cultural, and political technologies probably won’t keep pace, meaning we’ll have whole new ways to hurt ourselves and others along with the same old [inequitable and generally ineffective] ways to keep ourselves from doing so.</blockquote>Bracketed editorial context mine.

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Written on August 25, 2007