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Pretty Horrific, but Not Terrorism

When will these thick-headed Americans get it through their skulls? There is such a HUGE difference between “horrifying” and “terrifying” … I mean, this guy didn’t MEAN to terrorize, only to brutalize; so the fact that the entire community is terrorized is merely horrifying; and not threatening to national security only to THEIR security, so it’s all okay, it’s not terrorism. Unless we find out he was a Muslim; or maybe he had 1/64th Arabic blood or something … THEN it would be terrorism; but for now, according to all the people with requisite badges, uniforms, and job titles on their business cards, this local act of terror was only ‘pretty horrific.’ So, I guess that makes it safe to go back to school in the morning; after all, it’s not like this was TERRORISM or anything really bad like that. School gunman left suicide note.

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Written on September 29, 2006