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Bandwidth? Bah! Who Needs It?

What friggin’ planet do these people live on? Nearly 2008 and in the earliest stages of the Race for Dominance of the Metaverse, and yet still these morons are peddling this pablum?<blockquote>“We need significant evidence that such a [100Mbps broadband] network is required and I don’t think it exists yet,” said Peter Philips, Ofcom’s head of strategy.</blockquote>Clearly, these people are DANGER TO SOCIETY and should be replaced immediately or sooner:<blockquote>“We are not facing large numbers of people today who are constrained by their bandwidth,” Peter McCarthy-Ward, BT</blockquote>Only a complete moron would ask something so retarded as:<blockquote>Will gaming be one of key drivers for increased bandwidth?</blockquote>Oh, I don’t know, will THIRST be one of the key drivers for WATER DEMAND in the world?

Written on December 3, 2007