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How New Default Consensus Realities Instantiate

Postcapitalism - Prerequisite to Posthuman Social Efficacy?

It seems to me increasingly clear that there is relatively little hope for a collectively sustainable or individually fulfilling posthuman world without a post-industrial, post-information, post-capitalism-1.0 economic system to invigorate such a post-scarcity, post-diminishment future society. Perhaps things didn’t really matter much before the impending deluge became so apparent, because the technological accomplishments were too far off. However, After the Deluge, there will be plenty of looking back; but no going back.

It’s absolutely critical, therefore, that we think ahead today and act accordingly.

While I simply do not have the idle time to go into excruciating detail here, the current investment banking system meltdown – arguably, the system that serves as the very foundation of industrial age capitalism – is symptomatic of the coming deluge. Veteran investment advisors such as Charles Allmon suggest that, “The grand credit mess of 2007-2019 is evolving on a super scale, vastly larger than the big financial bang of the 1930s, alias the Great Depression.”

Paul Farrell adds 20 reasons the new megabubble pops in 2011.

Even if these specific perspectives prove not to be the case this time, the fact that so many veterans of finance are finding such a systemic meltdowns increasingly technically likely should give one pause. Others like Bernie Schaeffer are writing about “the volatility of volatility” and the acceleration of the boom/bust cycle; implying a kind of asymptotic Schumpeterianism, perhaps.

Not to mention, Aubrey de Grey on pensions.

These conditions strike me as fairly obvious indications of the same market failures that have so skewed the allocation of wealth in first world nations that the Central Planners have resorted to dropping money from helicopters, rather than address the systemic causes of Relative Poverty (see Jeffrey Sachs, The End of Poverty) that prevent everyday people from having enough to buy bread, drive to work, heat their homes in the winter, cool them in the summer.

Today, having barely enough to do those few things is the functional definition of Middle Class.

Closer to home, while I’m fully confident that none of my faithful readers would have ever dreamed of just blowing off as mere hyperbolic hyperventilating some of the recent posts about what dropping money from helicopters might mean to pre-posthuman society, perhaps a few new readers will be encouraged by the validation of today’s erratically irrational rants (read: confirmation) from those impetuously loudmouthed upstarts on the Federal Open Market Committee, as reported in today’s Wall Street Journal.

If you’re at all confused at the foregoing paragraph’s tone, please see new vocabulary word of the day: sardonic. :-)

In deference to the faithful, we’ll bite our collective tongues rather than spam this space with the most glaringly gloating self-congratulatory cliche that comes immediately to mind. Instead, we’ll simply restate the request to move “sustainable economic system” up the priority list of immediately addressable risks to our otherwise promising posthuman future.

Thank you. We now return you to your usual post-supra-meta-accelerating-extra-cranial activities.

Written on June 5, 2008