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Not Good Enough. Not Even CLOSE.

This is way off topic, but due to the weeks events, I must advise that all be sure to remember this, the next time your life, or the life of someone you love, is destroyed by a combination of sheer ineptitude and flat lies by government workers; against whom, we truly now have no recourse. As the brutish, blundering beast better known as the County of Santa Clara puts it:

Many times the decisions made by the police officers and sheriff deputies will restrict the freedom and liberty of people. Often these decisions materially affect the course of people's lives. We fully realize that our involvement in these complex and often emotionally charged situations may not always result in a level of performance you, the citizen, have grown to expect. For this reason, there are well defined procedures for assisting citizens who wish to voice their grievances against our operations, policies, or employee conduct.

A life is DESTROYED by ineptitude and lies. Investigations after the fact bear out all the facts, but the DESTRUCTION IS DONE. This is not good enough, especially from our local court systems, to whom the vast majority of everyday people are subject.

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Written on September 14, 2006