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A Solution to Movie Piracy

Slashdot | and Go Dark: “This time with breaks! (Score:5, Insightful) by zmollusc (763634) Neutral on Sunday December 19, @10:10AM (#11131127)

How’s this for a solution to film piracy?

  1. Forget chasing ‘pirates’. This will save a lot of expensive legal bills. Cut back drastically on advertising too, as you don’t need to whip people up into a frenzy to get them to theatres in the first week.
  2. Make film (Citizen Kane: starring Adam Sandler or something).
  3. Make a VCD cut and make unlabelled cheapo vcd’s. Using the economies of scale, sell these so cheap that the guys selling pirate vcd will buy from you rather than burn their own copies. Your margin is the difference between a bulk pressed cd and a small scale burned copy.
  4. Simultaneously sell the film as a download for the same price as you get for the vcd. …wait a few weeks
  5. Make a nicer, longer dvd cut of the film and, again, sell these so cheap that the guys selling pirate dvd will buy from you rather than burn their own copies.
  6. Sell the dvd cut of the film online at the same price as the DVD wholesale price. …. wait some more
  7. Theatre release of film in lovely THX/35mm
  8. Boxed set dvd release with extra everything.

By doing this you make money from the guys currently selling ‘pirated copies’ of films and money from people who can’t be bothered to find a torrent of your film. The money saved on lawyers and advertising would probably pay for setting up the servers.

At stage 3 you are the sole supplier of vcd of your film, it is uneconomic to burn copies so you own the market. People may share your film over the internet but the hassle of finding a torrent and/or running P2P software is competing against the paid download (4) which is priced as low as a blank cdr.

This is simple economics. Cut back on expensive things like lawyers and advertising, then put out bargain bin priced product to soak up the sales to misers and the poor. You can still make bigger margins on the nicely packaged versions to people who want to buy them. “

Written on December 19, 2004