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Numenta, Inc. Newsletter August 28, 2007

I am pleased to announce that the Windows version of the Numenta Platform for Intelligent Computing (NuPIC) is now available. This version is the first port of NuPIC to Windows. It supports running HTM networks in parallel on multi-core systems, and will be enhanced over time with more features. We are providing this version in response to the substantial feedback from the developer community requesting Windows support. You can download the new version from our web site.

As a general update, I am happy to tell you that we are pleased with our progress on this technology. The NuPIC platform continues to improve, with Version 1.3 adding new functionality in addition to Windows support. We also are working on new versions of our learning algorithms that we feel are more robust. The new algorithms address some of the issues inherent in our Zeta 1 algorithms as described in the blog entry by Dileep George. We hope to be able to provide these algorithms under license by the end of this year. We continue to test these algorithms on a large scale vision problem, and are seeing positive, preliminary results.

Our Numenta Partner Program has eight members, and we are working closely with them as they experiment with NuPIC on the data from their real-world problems. For more information on the Numenta Partner Program.

We are pleased that this week one of our partners, Vitamin D, will be announcing a public beta for their visualization tools. We have been impressed with the work done by the team at Vitamin D, and I encourage you to look into their offering.

Thank you for your ongoing interest in Numenta. I hope you’ll check out the new version of NuPIC.

Donna Dubinsky CEO, Nument

Written on August 28, 2007