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How New Default Consensus Realities Instantiate

4 May 2023

Inflation Isn't A Thing

by metavalent

Inflation isn’t “a” single thing. Maybe that’s why it puts the o from freak-out in freak-o-nomics.

Brilliant chart via Evan Garcia.

Price Changes in Consumer Goods and Services 2000 - 2022

Our bias: affirms a principle articulated in the book by way of longitudinal analysis of US domestic investment priorities, with respect to the fundamental importance of universal #IncomeSecurity as stabilizing #SocialSecurity which underpins #NationalSecurity; namely, “inflation” isn’t some Molochian monolith. Inflation is more like Medusaian mayhem, hence the collective trauma bonding of cheap stuff and expensive care.

In this chart:

What if we can all have nice things? Whate if there are plenty of nice things for everyone? We seem to be pretty good at churning out nice things. What if it’s maybe the nice people pipeline that is maybe missing its quarterly numbers? What if that’s maybe because the particular numbers being chased by a faultering default consensus reality aren’t set by the nicest of people?

If the hard cold reality is that you don’t count because we don’t live in a nice world and you can’t just change the world because you don’t like the way it works around here, then what are the things that people of conscience can do to cultivate and create a default consensus reality that isn’t like that deprecated, immutably mean, red in tooth and claw default? Whether you thing nothing or everything, you’re right.

See how great it feels to always be right?


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