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How New Default Consensus Realities Instantiate

9 May 2023

Sold a Story

by metavalent

Why the how of what becomes DCR is important

Emily Hanford with Yale ISPS.

Math and reading suffer from the same idea that we don’t want to explicitly teach little children things, that we want them to discover it on their own; we think that that’s better. The cognitive science research does not show that to be true. Not better and not more efficient.

Efficiency really matters with reading because it’s an exponential thing. You start to get good at reading, and you get better and better and better, and you spiral up. There’s a thing called the Matthew Effect, in reading, and it happens really fast. Kids who get off to a good start in reading like reading, and then do it more and like it more and get better at it, and most of what you know about language, and the vocabulary that you know, and knowledge &endash; comes from reading.

After a very compelling presentation about why cuing and pictures and words are not good public policy and not the most efficient way to store information in the most useful way for a human being, and as a parent myself who has caught this in themselves, I’m sincerely a little confused about the exception that seems to apply to one’s own kids, and why so often exceptions that apply to our kids, don’t somehow apply to other kids? Is it paradox or contradiction? These are always delicate and nuanced assessments, of course, which only makes them more meaningful, isn’t it? FTP, this is one reason why national standards are so fraught from our perspective, and why a national encyclopedia of pedagogical strategies and tactics &endash; along with assistance from AI in matching learners with pedagogy &endash; might make much more sense in the 21st century.

Watch How Teaching Kids To Read Went So Wrong if the embed below does not behave nicely.

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