Metavalent Stigmergy

How New Default Consensus Realities Instantiate

On the Self-Rejecting Desire to be Understood and Accepted

The Myth of the Misuderstood Artist Isn’t a Myth. Here’s how it works. At least, for this Interstitial Intercognition Artist’s life work of memes, dreams, themes, threads, publications, portfolios, books, blogs, articles, posts, tweets, grams, tiks, toks, css-blocks, fiction, non-fiction, intonation, inflection, flowing and glowing in fractal edition since 1991.

While all forms of suffering are, by definition, genuine and non-trivial forms of suffering, it’s not the misunderstanding, estrangement, mockery, undermining, betrayal, hostility, exile, or even the covert horrors of zersetzung in a surveillance capitalism theater of operations that most hinder and harm the so-called misunderstood artist.

The root of suffering for the misunderstood creative is the desire to be understood and accepted by anyone other than the creative themselves. And perhaps the first step to reduce that suffering is for the hyper-rational critical-self, to accept the misunderstood expressive artistic-self, as one and the same.

In this process of artistic becoming, the lines between mental health and artistry have always been ambiguous, at best. So it is. We are all and each *BOTH* “the” narcissist and “the” codependent” … the fool on the hill, and the mountain monk; the village idiot, and the guru. Gee, You Are You.

But on this day, I’m increasingly convinced that all these distinctions and DSM definitions are extremely fuzzy, at best. Like atoms, they don’t really actually exist as billiard-ball like “atomic” entities at all; they are just descriptors of relativistic energy states and interrelationships. So DID, BPD, NPD are all sets of symptoms of a different permutations of dis-integrated self; which are decreasing in usefulness in the Post-Automation Era of hybrid human-machine-ai intercognition. We have already become an entirely different kinds of humans, and the best thing we can do for ourselves and the world is to strive the become the most peaceful, kind, genuinely loving, and authentic hyrids, possible. What it means to be sentient beings along side near-sentient, and perhaps soon, sentient silicon, is the quest and question of the Post-Automation Era. So, what can we do about it?

#StopTheMadness of Intentionally Engineered Economic Precarity

Today, in August 2020, A.I is not “on it’s way,” it’s been here for a very long time. There’s no stopping what’s already occurred, there is only acceptance, and adaptation, and continuous integration, or conflict. And conflict only begets more conflict, world without end. It’s time we resurrect and re-mix Susan Powter’s Stop the Insanity campaign with respect to the roots of division in our current, and soon-to-be post-pandemic moment. This time, the task is to stop the utter madness of the root of conflict in the twenty-first century: Intentionally Engineered Economic Precarity in the Post-Automation Era.

Who Are We To Do Anything about Anything?

Krishnamurti said, “The oberserver is the observed.” As I record this particular #BookOfTrueSelf journal entry, working through The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron, the parallel thought occurs: “The creator is the created.

Somehow, we literally have the ability to re-create the world beyond all conflict, precarity, confusion, and dog-eat-dog Social Darwinism. I don’t understand exactly how it all works, yet; and probably never will; however, the evidence that this is in fact, the case, is increasingly overwhelming. We are tasked with sharing that evidence with you, in the hours, days, weeks, months, and maybe years that remain of this embodiment. So, here we are. We’re showing up to the page. As Julia suggests, we’ll take care of the quantity and let something intuitive and beyond our comprehension take care of the quality.

I don’t know, but I want to know

That’s one of the classic meditation mantras given to sit with for a day, or three, or seven, or however many hours or days or weeks or years it takes to know what it is the inquirer seeks to know. “I don’t know, but I want to know.” And so, we extend that mantra into this space. We are inquiring, together. Thank you for supporting the work and participating in the experiment to the extent that your insight and intuition guides.

Written on August 28, 2020