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How New Default Consensus Realities Instantiate (aka, #WT5GF of #DCNRs)

26 March 2021

Clarifying Consensus

by metavalent

“There seems to be a bit of a minor communication error. Please stand by.”

It has come to our attention that there seems to be a tendency to confuse what we mean by the instantiation of new default consensus realities. Default Consensus Reality (DCR) is a non-sectarian, non-denominational, secular bridge narrative toward a world that works for everyone, historically suggested as conditions on Earth as it is in Heaven, and aligned ancient sentiments of all traditions. The end of all suffering, lack, want, pain, greed, ignorance, etc. Rest.

The fundamental principles explored in this site do not imply, encourage, or constitute any kind of a proactive program, agenda, much less absurd manifesto. This is a site populated by observations. Observations of the way that nature and the universe appear to work from the perspective of one hopelessly subjective observer, derived via the process of first-person lived experience. That is, observing ever-changing conditions on this planet for the past 60+ years,further inspected through the microscopic and macroscopic (Micro-Macro) lenses provided by humanity’s great wisdom, faith, scientific, and spiritual traditions. These observations have provided an overwhelming number of data points that hint at the rudimentary thesis that metavalent stigmergy is the process by which people come to believe things in common, at scale, on a widespread basis.

Authentic Consensus

To be angry about or against the process of metavalent stigmergy is like being angry about, or against mitosis, or gravity, or the words, “in the beginning.” There is nothing to be angry about, to advocate for, or argue against. Cells divide. That’s how biological life transpires. Gravity keeps our bodies upon the surface of the Earth. “In the beginning,” are the first three words of the most published book in history. I suppose we could argue about such foundational truths; however, at least these three facts – Default Consensus Narrative Realities (DCNR’s) – are immutable to statistically all sound human minds in the year 2020.

By definition, authentic consensus between fully informed conscious agents, cannot be coerced in even the most subtle ways; therefore, it may be a predetermined unattainable principle that can only ever serve as a kind of north star in sentient ethics. Is the north star useless to everyday experience?

Default consensus reality is a mere observation, not a creed or philosophy. Have we repeated the word observation enough, yet?

A Collective Default Mode Network

We observe that default consensus realities are a kind of default mode network of [common | similar | shared] awareness of [the world | conditions on planet Earth]. Default consensus realities exist within families, tribes, villages, cities, counties, states, nations, and ultimately the world.

DCRs are shared assumptions and presumptions about how the world is, be they accurate or not. We observe that DCRs tend to be largely unconscious to most subjective participants in any given population.

One current default consensus reality agrees that the sky is blue. Another prevalent default consensus reality is that we live in a world of conflict and strife. Both of those, appear to be empirically true, at the moment, from the perspective of a severely constrained biological sensory substrate. We are reminded that there are changes to the climate that could completely change the color of the sky. Similarly, there are changes to the way we interact with one another in a society that literally can cultivate conditions on Earth as it is in heaven. The 20th DCR considered both similarly likely; however, the utility of the latter greatly outweighed the former and occupied the minds and intentions of a vastly greater number of subjective observers.

Transformations of the 20th DCNR cultivated the current default consensus narrative reality; not because anyone convinced anybody of anything; not because anybody forced anybody to do something differently; but because causes and conditions changed, and will continue to change. If there is any kind of implication of a static utopia perceived in this text, that is a misunderstanding.

The Emptiness Of Conflict

That’s it. That’s all there is to the definition of consensus, in the context of DCRs and DCNRs. Conflict simply cannot exist in this shard of rulial space, unless a discordant shard brings conflict for pointless and absurd reasons of provoking disharmony (generally in a desperate attempt to usurp order with chaos, for as yet inexplicable reasons). Even then, conflict in the Earthly realm appears to be a kind of geometric misunderstanding between conscious agents. Hence, our responsibility is to attempt to increase and improve understanding whenever discordants disrupt the intrinsic tranquility of base reality (perhaps in a vain attempt to feel immortal independent of that which is inherently immortal; hence, pointless). Sounds crazy, I know. Will circle back one day to better explicate. If I had more time this would be far shorter and more concise.

We’ve observed a curious phenomena within this rulial shard whereby others have lectured, berated, and at times physically, psychologically, emotionally, or economically beaten or otherwise socially-engineered others into submission to severe and severely deprecated world views, while accusing the beaten and berated of intending the same toward to the aggressor agents. As co-equal human beings, all observations are equally valid as those of aggressors, isn’t it? For example, if the reader’s views are as valid as any other observer’s (as they obviously are), then that works both ways, right? Else, the principle of free speech is a fraud, a fiction. Do not believe the speaker. Investigate for yourself.

By way of mirroring a favorite disparagement of mockers and scorners, if the previous statement is perceived as triggering, the speaker respectfully suggests that it may be a sign of personal problems of the type and variety often projected upon and flung at the speaker. Because, if one is angry at anything that one has read here, and feels that the speaker must change their perceptions to match the reader’s perceptions, that would constitute forcing something down the speaker’s throat; not the other way around, as has commonly been protested and preemptively punished in the past. These are simply more definitions, not opinions.

It follows logically that anyone who attempts to frame this work as trying to shove something down somebody’s throat is either projecting or simply lying; most likely out of fear, or because such projectors perceive a process of loss of some form of illegitimate power on their part. Regardless of the language we use to refer to this period of time and the changes in progess, the dissolution of illegitimate power is rapidly accelerating on planet Earth, as rapidly, effectively, and by the same process by which light dispels darkness. The sun rising in the morning is not an act of violence, it is a daily reminder of that which is. Darkness surely cares to differ in its infinitely bitter and resentful state of utter impotence to change the way the real world works; hence sealing it’s own fate.

As light shines in darkness and darkness fails comprehension, so reflects the hearts and minds of all sentient beings. For those with hearts to perceive, even darkness is not darkness, for the nature of omniscience is omniscent and of omnipresence, omnipresent; supporting the conjecture that The Observer attests and bears witness as energy which precedes both darkness and light and still prior as immutuble awareness that precedes both thought and imagination. Welcome home.

Metavalent Stigmergy, DCNs, and DCNRs are descriptors that advance no specific doctrine, program, or agenda, whilst occassionaly instantiating, through the foundational affordances of the Earthly realm, as suitable programs, alliances, partnerships, and collaborations. Are illuminating and useful non-indoctrinary or anti-indoctrinary documentary works possible? Like all exploration of the fringes of rulial space, we can not know what we cannot know. In accepting our profound and vexing limitations, we may discover that our capabilities vastly exceed prior assessment, understanding, and expectation.

Amituofo. Namaste. Aloha ke Akua. Na ke Akua e hoʻopōmaikaʻi iā mākou. Dios nos bendiga. Deus nos abençoe. God bless, redeem, restore, and preserve the human race and all life on Earth as it is in Heaven.

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