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Curt Jaimungal's Theories of Everything

This is what a Global Cognition Group Looks Like

From this perspective (FTP), Curt Jaimungal’s self-deprecatingly described “irresponsible” project called Theories Of Everything – which he may be taking to the next level with the whimsically named TOE Clippings spin-off – is perhaps one of the best examples of what many of us envisioned when we imagined what a healthy, functional Global Brain could become. A colloborative cognition space, a noosphere, in the service of advancing human discovery, inquiry, and understanding. More precisely, collaborative intercognition, contemplating the nature and purpose of the human predicament and what to pragmatically, proximally, do about it.

A mutually-enriching process, an ongoing process of investment in one another – as I understand Curt’s framing – for exploring humanity’s most fundamental questions in a way that builds literacy, capacity, and capability. From the simplest questions – not always the easiest – to the deepest and greatest challenges. Cultivating Earth’s greatest benefit. Extending humanity’s best potential., if you will.

Bringing the affordances of new kinds of A.I. augmented, 100% human capacity to bear upon challenges which no single human mind is even capable of containing, let alone processing or solving. For those who may find this type of context and content too speculative: firstly, it’s early days; and secondly, the format can be brought down to earth, so to speak, in terms of branching into collaborative mathematical problem set sessions and other open-ended educational inquiries and process (think wood-working, welding, or any other trade or craft, for that matter), that brings independent, self-guided practical education out of the rows of desks factory model of the 1920’s and into this 21st century #PostAutomationEra.

Toward Healthy, Adpative, Self-Directed, Open-Access, Inter-Cognition Spaces

This kind of self-directed, open-access to higher education has long been modeled by some of the world’s leading thinkers, working on some of the most challenging problems. Both Jeff Hawkins and Stephen Wolfram have made live, real-time R & D meetings open to anyone who would like to join in. You can join The Wolfram Physics Project Working Sessions or the Numenta Research Meetings.

These are practical, existing, working examples of how to heal, mature, and address the Social Dilemma of our troubled, distracted, combative adolescent Global Brain. But here’s the key:

Motivations must pivot. Priorities must re-org. We have arrived in the #PostAutomationEra, but not everyone has realized it, yet. The good news is, there are rapidly declining numbers Rip Van Winkles remaining.

Despite the embittered spite of a generation in deep denial of it’s own decline, we have hundreds of millions of Global Millenials and Digital Natives to thank for the nearly universal improvements of the most meaningful and pragmatic human aspects of navigating this moment of disruption, this inflection point in human cultural history, into an entirely new era of humanity. Welcome to the Post-Automation Era.

It’s in this new and promising context that, from our perspective, Curt’s version of modeling real-time intercognition is unique, and FTP, no less than revolutionary; in that it attracts a slightly larger audience than more specialized research groups while expanding the applied communications space beyond mere podcasts or cliquish clubhouses.

FTP, Curt is actively modeling and cultivating an entirely new kind of productive intercognition – by means of a kind of fouth-way interview method of shared inquiry, by way of an “office hours,” or Q & A interview style, on the back-end, which we’ll elaborate on in the future – that can potentially, in our ever irrationally optimistic view, significantly help to heal and grow social media beyond the troubled, solipsistic, discordant, adolescent Global Brain stage of development that we are all familiar with, and which we are all more than ready to leave as a mostly bad memory, back in the teens (2010’s).

Experience an AMA Live with Curt Jaimungal

Watch here AMA Live with Curt Jaimungal if the embed below misbehaves.

We might even suggest that this is an example of Curt’s Global Cognition Group in action. A GCG isn’t a proprietary thing. It’s the 21st century version of what author Napoleon Hill dubbed Mastermind groups, now augmented by the A.I.-enabled internet Extended Mind (Clark & Chalmers).

Today, we all have access to countless GCG’s, and the cultivation of our own GCG’s perhaps represents another kind of new literacy in this new era of human flourishing and thrival. If only we’re wise enough to see the wonders of the supernatural world – you know the slogan by now: 100% super, 100% natural – that’s right before our very eyes.

Written on April 1, 2021