Metavalent Stigmergy

How New Default Consensus Realities Instantiate

Billionaires Gone Bunkers!

An IRL FanFic-Maybe-NotFic Joint. Based on the Medium publishing universe algorithmically surfaced creative writing work of one Jessica Wildfire.

“Between every stimulus and response, there is an infinite empty space.”

Yes, oh guru, I confess, instead of being satisfied to bask in the sufficiency of that pure awareness, I filled that space with this, again, as is my habitual tendency. My bad. I accept the consequences that my follower count will be reset to zero every day, forever; that I’ll be justifiably shadow-banned, digitally gang-stalked, zersetzung‘d IRL, de-platformed, and played like a human puppet for IC entertainment. But then, you know the old Zen Trope: get deplatformed seven times, create an entirely new platform eight.

Another typical day. Woke up, had a cup of coffee, read the entire internet for updates. Today’s theme seems to be:

It’s Billionaires Gone Bunkers!

Panoptic private surveillance and impenetrable private security armies. Electromagnetic spectrum Dark Zones, legislated by Dark Money, for maximum lulz and sex trafficking. What could possibly go wrong?

In a given universe where some non-trivial proportion of such activity is taking place, what’s perhaps most tragicomic is the fact that, somewhere inside, the very people building the bunkers – like pyramid laborers – have got to know that they won’t have a place inside; and yet, willingly participate in their own cynical extermination in the name of, “hey, it’s a job, and everybody *has* to have a job.”

This is what has been described as the #JobTrance for at least the past decade.

The View Through Flimsy 3D Glasses

Through a blue lens over the left eye, this is also what has been described as an inherently toxic and unsustainable, mad, voracious, dog-eat-dog consumer culture. Through a red lens over the right eye, it’s just pure evil, principalities and powers. Perfectly predictably. Prophesied.

Multiplexing those views renders the present default consensus political reality:

Mammon gonna’ mammon.

Riveted eschatology fans, on the edge of their beds and listening through earbuds question, “will the numbers of #PostAutomationEra Rip Van Winkles reduce fast enough to prevent self-fulfilling self-destruction?”

An omniscient audience sees that each participant posseses the individual agency to decide within their own hearts, whether or not to reconcile with brothers and sisters, or to literally, voluntarily, manifest Armageddon. Which will they choose?

Dig in, and literally be willing to kill brothers and sisters in war, yet again? Or, look around and see that we are each the fruit of the same human tree of life, each survivors of similar family traumas; all in the same boat, the same existential predicament, the same global context, inhabiting the same collective frame of reference – a frame of reference whose primary activity, at the moment, seems to be arguing over whether or not we could even be arguing, if we weren’t in the same frame of reference.

The polarized duality frame of reference. This much, we can agree upon. To vehemently disagree.

Same As It Ever Was

All of the causes and conditions that have gone before this present moment, the ways and means by which society is organized and conducted, have precisely transported us into this present moment. Yet, there will be some who can find a way to dispute even this. That’s okay, too.

For the vast majority who can follow this line of reasoning, it becomes clear that, if we continue the way that society is organized and conducted, in the way that it has operated up until this moment, the outcome is, again, the present moment.

It therefore stands to reason, we suggest, that those experiencing an advantageous or beneficial present moment, will likely desire, and maybe vote for the continuation of existing cultural algorithms; while those not experiencing an advantageous or beneficial present moment, will likely desire and perhaps take action to change said algorithms.

Where We Go From Here

So, stay tuned for the next exciting episode of, “Earth the Sixth Mass Extinction Event.” It’ll be witnessed by at least 2.3 billion daily viewers and presented via 500 hours of video uploaded every single minute of every single day.

You won’t want to miss a moment, and if you do, you’ll be considered orthogobtusely out of the loop!

Be love. :sparkling_heart:

Written on April 2, 2021