Metavalent Stigmergy

How New Default Consensus Realities Instantiate

Addressing The Global Narcissism Pandemic

Finding the Others who Understand the Global Narcissism Pandemic AND What-To-Do-About-It Edition.

There’s nothing to disagree with here any more. Never was. This is all true.

Disagreement in cases like this is a psychological protection for denial. Denial denies its own existence. That’s what makes it denial. Denial is not lying. Denial is lying while not even knowing we are lying, because the truth of what a horrible person we are – the guilt and shame that a good human being should feel for behaving horribly – are impossible to face without destroying everything about our constructed false ego. Our very self would be obliterated, and so we must blind ourselves to who we actually are and to what we have actually been doing, maybe even for decades.

Watch The Global Narcissism Pandemic if the embed below does not behave nicely.

How This Manifests In Our Default Consensus Business Reality

Why would you want to pay more taxes?

Because character and personal accountability. Remember those values?

It’s called knowing that everything we have is because of the environment into which we were born. Knowing the fact that by ourselves, we can do nothing. That’s why we happily pay 100% of the wealth our organization generates above 10 billion dollars a year. That’s right. 100%. Because our organization is only thriving because of the societal context in which we exist.

In a #PostAutomationEra world that works for everyone, taxes are a meta-denominational tithe, so that we take care of one another regardless of where we worship, the color of our skin, or our native language, or land of birth. When conditions are on Earth as it is in Heaven, Caesar is no more, and we realize that the only reason we missed it the whole time was because of our own misperceptions, the scales upon our own eyes. The beam in our own eye while we scrutinized the speck in our sisters and brothers eyes.

Almost as if, the Kingdom of Heaven is literally at hand. Here, now, for those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

Narcissism has no such eyes or ears. Narcissistic corporate persons only know to maximize its own returns at the expense of all else.

We can upgrade the concept of Fiduciary Duty for the 21st century to change behavior and disallow exclusive benefit of one category of people; because no individual category of contribution is metavalent over all others.

Watch Credit Card CEO Schools Fox on Minimum Wage and Medicare for All if the embed below does not behave nicely.

Written on May 4, 2021