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Can Bitcoin Become the World's Money?

Someone recently asked, “do you honestly think you can take on the most powerful people in the world, and replace the very currency that makes them that powerful? Do you honestly believe they will let that happen?”

No. Of course not. That would be grandiosity on an infinitely idiotic scale. What I observe is tens of millions, and ultimately billions of human beings who are tired of being ruled over by tyrants.

What I observe is that, time and time again, people who thought they were the most powerful human bein6g in history went to the grave and the universe demonstrated its preeminence, over and over again.

History illustrates the case: every time the Roman Empire thinks it has permanently succeeded, it falls. Again. Generally, right at the point that it most fervently believes that it is permanently impervious to change.

“Changes aren’t permanent, but change is.” — Neil Peart

I don’t know how these things will play out. I just see that history seems to be a consistently rhyming rhythm throughout the ages.

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Written on July 16, 2021