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How New Default Consensus Realities Instantiate

26 September 2021

A Down to Earth Overview Effect TOE

by metavalent

A unique, practical, human scale Theory Of Everything (TOE).

What we learn by “seeing the Earth from space and seeing the Earth in space.” — Frank White

Pscycho-social CBT for the Adolescent Global Brain

(20:45):”A planet has no sides, but we make sides.” &emdash; Frank White

(16:33): “Why is it important that we have these experiences in our lives?” “I think we have a limited view of self and I think some of that’s been imposed upon us by culture, by society, and I don’t think that our culture is bad or wrong, I think we’re in sort of adolescent sort of developmental stage of our culture, certainly in the west. What I think has happened is that it’s led to &endash; although it’s changing a certain amount at this point &endash; a certain sort of limited view of self, for many of us. Where we see the self as an individualistic, separate entity, and that has created a version of self that I think is limited. And I think there are other versions [of selfhood] that can be included, that will help us feel more connected to the world that we live in. And so, self-transcendence is this idea of connecting with things beyond us in the world, with nature, [and the] cosmos as part nature, and with each other, and animals and so on. So, I think it can be helpful in just reminding people. Of course, now modern science is beginning to back this idea of, we are all connected, and this sort of field theory [of consciousness] … in terms of supporting … that self-transcendent view that we are connected; but from where I’m approaching it is, I’m not discounting the individualistic self. I think it’s important to be almost shifting gears and be able to tolerate and accept that they are all parts of us. So, you know, we can’t be in self-transcendent states all the time, at this point and this juncture in civilization. Perhaps in a thousand years; we don’t know where we’ll be; but at this point I think we need to be able to shift gears and it’s healthy to do so; for most, or for many people.” &endash; Annahita Nezami (27:10): “You’ll remember the definition of self-transcendent experience had had two components. It has enhanced feelings of connectedness, as well as diminished salience of the self. So, the the emphasis on self loss or ego dissolution, I think, is actually misplaced. I think there should be much more emphasis on these feelings of connectedness; and we have data suggesting that’s actually where the therapeutic action is: in this these feelings of connectedness. Feelings of self-loss come along for the ride, so to speak.” &emdash; David Yaden

Watch “The Overview Effect, Psychedelics & Self Transcendence - David Yaden, Frank White & Annahita Nezami” if the embed below does not behave nicely.

For Extra Credit

The Anaesthetic Revelation - Nitrous Oxide Metaphysics

Mentioned by David Yaden, an account of, The Profound Prescience of Puffer:

“In her essay, The Loss of Personality, in The Atlantic Monthly (vol. lxxxv. p. 195), Miss Ethel D. Puffer explains that, “the vanishing of the sense of self, and the feeling of immediate unity with the object, is due to the disappearance, in these rapturous experiences, of the motor adjustments which habitually intermediate between the constant background of consciousness (which is the Self) and the object in the foreground, whatever it may be.”

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