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How New Default Consensus Realities Instantiate

29 April 2023

GPT on Metavalent Stigmergy

by metavalent

Can Haz Browse (alpha)

Metavalent Stigmergy is a concept that extends the principle of stigmergy, a form of self-organization that facilitates indirect coordination through the environment between agents. In Metavalent Stigmergy, this process is employed to explain the generation, development, maturation, and propagation of new insights, intuitions, understandings, ideas, or concepts that form and shape what are known as Default Consensus Realities. These realities represent the common or prevalent understanding and interpretation of phenomena or aspects of the world. Therefore, Metavalent Stigmergy provides a framework for understanding how collective consciousness and shared understandings emerge and evolve over time. 1

One could extrapolate potential applications in various fields:

  1. Social Media and Online Communities: Online platforms allow for the rapid propagation and evolution of ideas. Users contribute to a shared understanding of topics through posts, comments, and reactions. The principles of Metavalent Stigmergy could potentially explain how trends form and evolve on these platforms.

  2. Education and Learning: In educational settings, shared understandings are continually being formed and updated. Teachers and students interact with and adapt to each other’s ideas and understandings, leading to a collective learning environment. Metavalent Stigmergy could help understand and improve these processes.

  3. Workplace Collaboration: In modern workplaces, especially in distributed teams, individuals often coordinate their efforts without direct communication. A shared understanding of the project’s goals and current status evolves as individuals contribute their work. This is another potential area of application for Metavalent Stigmergy.

  4. Cultural Evolution: The formation and evolution of cultural norms and values could also be understood through the lens of Metavalent Stigmergy. As individuals interact with and influence each other, shared understandings and consensus realities evolve.

  5. Urban Development: In urban planning and architecture, Metavalent Stigmergy could explain how cities grow and change over time. Individual actions, such as building a new structure or creating a public space, can influence the actions of others and shape the evolution of the urban environment.

Please note that these are speculative examples based on the concept’s general principles, and specific applications may vary.

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