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How New Default Consensus Realities Instantiate

14 May 2023

For Cryin' Out Loud

by metavalent

Two Opposite Kinds of Crying

From this perspective, radical post-therapy therapist Daniel Mackler is providing a terrific role model for the kind of authenticity and transparency both essential and now made possible by contemporary interpersonal communication tools.

It seems to us that intersubjective understanding and healing are urgently needed, healthy, and constructive directions to move beyond the initial age of social media mayhem and froth.

By adapting our usage of these tools and deleveraging abusive, intrusive business models, there is a potential to assist in the genuine healing and evolution of human consciousness on the micro and macro levels. 🙏🏼

It’s about neurosecurity and cognitive security.

UPDATE: So, turns out that tomorrow, this happened, for cryin’ out loud. Can’t make it up. More #LawnmowerMan3 stuff.🤣


Thank goodness for the pioneering work of some of our most insightful colleagues, some of whom I personally recall not being taken very seriously by many, as little as a decade ago.

Thanks to these unsung heroes of the Post-Automation Era, there is at least a nascent body of work to begin implementing and putting into practice, today. The urgency for intense and sustained focus in these areas, today, can’t possibly be overstated.

Around the 17:35 mark of this video, Daniel touches on a particularly personal and poignant issue regarding the power imbalance between therapist and client.

Having unexpectedly born direct witness to an extraordinarily brazen abuse of that power from a therapist in the last year, I was slapped rudely awake to the extent to which this could be – nay, glaringly is – a very important toxic element in our mainstream healthcare culture, one that is doing hydra-headed harm in the name of good.

These are the kinds of experiences that lead me to pick up new 10-year goals, to not only raise awareness but also do what I can to cultivate specific accountability for people so broken and out of alignment that they would violate such a sacred trust as that between a therapist and a client. It’s unethical and unconscionable, to say the least, unpopular, politically fraught, and a real buzz kill at cocktail parties.

These are some of the useful, if somewhat crude, societal filters that can help researchers to know where to guide intention and attention in the ongoing work of cultivating conditions toward a world that works for everyone.

Thumbnail art by pioneering Grief Activist Lisa Keefauver, a woman ahead of her time. This is a huge category of the Real Work ahead of us in the Post-Automation Era.

Grief is a Sneaky Bitch

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