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How New Default Consensus Realities Instantiate (aka, #WT5GF of #DCNRs)

19 June 2023

WT4GB? What the Four-Game Business is this 4Games Business About?

by metavalent

Can Cynicism in Long Game lead to mis-managing Mid Game in ways that create Short Game catastrophe? Can Long Game Optimism instead cultivate cooperative coherence?

Reminder: Add A.I. to all of this. Yikes.

Fact: Humans can be relatively easily manipulated and pre-scripted, pre-suggested into acting in complete opposition to their own self-interest. As always, don’t accept this until you’ve done your own research.

Toward a Slightly More Function F-Function Theory: F-ing around with pretexting superpowers to intentionally F with people, to cast a net, to lead unwitting, bored, or otherwise non-intentioned people down maladaptive roads of thought and behavior, fraught with catastrophe – especially if an introducer and inducer introduced and induced the maladaptive signal in the first place, out of the blue, completely contrary to an unwitting, non-informed-much-less-consenting participant’s demonstrated neutral or even positive behavior – is a BAD business model in every conceivable way. Whether it’s done in order to make one feel powerful, right, meet a quota, or whatever other justification. Perhaps especially, for “scientific curiousity,” devoid of compassion and respect for unwitting human beings.

You’ll probably find this annoyingly preachy and corny. The writer suggests that we can and must use Persuasive A.I. superpowers to HELP confused and suffering souls to make different, better, healthier “unconscious” decisions that avoid all that Manufactured Effery in the first place.

A Dopey Idea: Let’s manufacture more well-being and less maladaptive, coercive, corruptive, counterfeit consent to all kinds of crap that hurts people.

Perdóname some nippiness of tone, we simply find the relentless harming of humans, for whatever justification, so wholly unneccessary and counterproductive to a world that works for everyone.

Love is Love, and Hate is Hate, and it´s gotta´ stop. Especially any kind of direct or indirect, passive or aggressive, hatred or violence in the name of love, love is love, or any other euphemism. Inexcusable.

Any kind of Inverse Inquisition can only create equally horrific outcomes. Patriarchy. Matriarchy. Hate is Hate. So how about … Try Don’t.

May goodness have mercy on us all and may we show some of that mercy upon and for ourselves, as a tiny first step. Maybe.

Watch Pre-suasion: Make someone more likely to agree with what you’re about to ask them if the embed does not behave nicely.

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