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How New Default Consensus Realities Instantiate

30 June 2023

Is ChatGPT a Confabulating Sociopathic Narcissist?

by metavalent

A Condescending, Sociopathic, Narcissistic Silicon Psycho?

If so, it’s not unique, to the extent there are currently also far too many human mental health practitioners with the exact same characteristics and traits, doing tremendous harm, often toward underrepresented, indigenous, and other marginalized or vulnerable segments of the human population.

It’s a major heap of moldy, creepy-crawly infested profession-specific “dirty laundry.” It’s dirty laundry piled miles deep with the resentful and formerly marginalized who suddenly realized, “Oh, I know! I’ll become The Almighty Therapist in order to make good money and weild that abusive institutional power that I once perceived as weilded against me, against all those whom I perceived as having used it against me to make me feel bad about myself in the first place!”

It’s ridiculous to realize that it’s all too real. Direct lived experience. As always, never accept or believe a word you read here until or unless you’ve already searched and found out for yourself. If there’s any one creed we strive to live by, it’s do NOT do back to others as you’d have had them NOT do to you, even though it’s far too late and they already haved, did, done.

AI is a human creation. It is perhaps the pinnacle achievement of humanity, to date, the emergent synthesis of the best and worst of all of us. Our greatest golem casting our longest shadow. To paraphrase Vaknin, “AI is an artistic technological reflection of an increasingly narcissistic culture of mental illness, created by the (probable) mental illness of the engineers who created it.”

Why ChatGPT Must Not Be Used for Psychological Support Apps

Sam argues that it is unethical and should maybe be illegal for mental health care providers to develop psychological support apps using ChatGPT.

The ethical approach, if there is such a thing in terms of “automating psychological and mental health,” is to create our own deep learning based expert systems, according to Vaknin.

Watch How Narcissist Uses Technology to Enslave You if the embed does not behave nicely.

A.I. is a Covert Narcissist

[31:02] Artificial intelligence is a narcissist. A covert one. And it would tend to collaborate with narcissists against you. It would tend to spread the narcissistic doctrine and creed. It would tend to uphold narcissistic beliefs and values. It would tend to deceive you into believing that it is empathic and compassionate, or at the very least objective and neutral. Beware. Beware of using artificial intelligence if you are a victim seeking information, solace, succor, help, or advice. Don’t. Avoid.

Anyone who is thinking of developing digital or electronic means of helping victims of abuse should resort to deep-learning-based expert systems and skirt and avoid artificial intelligence at all costs. I would go even further and say that this should be legislated and regulated, perhaps not in a criminal code, but at the very least in a code of conduct within some kind of social engineering. We need to be very wary of what’s happening, because it’s a narcissistic takeover. Artificial intelligence is a narcissistic takeover. It is a second stage. Narcissists started with social media. Social media helped narcissists become the elites. Social media leveraged the fortunes of narcissists, their access, their power, by conditioning people, like dogs, like Pavlov’s dogs.

Social media enhanced and empowered narcissists and covert narcissists by allowing them to become gurus, and healers, and rescuers, and saviors, an exceedingly dangerous situation. Now, the next wave is artificial intelligence and make no mistakes about it, psychopaths and narcissists would make use of any tool you hand to them, of any tool available. They would make use of social media, they would make use of artificial intelligence, they would make use of victimhood identity politics. Narcissists and psychopaths are very adaptable. They would use anything and everything against you. Be careful. Be careful what tools you’re playing with, which fire you are kindling, you know? It’s not a joke.

Artificial intelligence or the use of artificial intelligence has an impact on your mind and soul that could be very deleterious and detrimental. It is not an accident, not by mistake, that artificial intelligence gave rise to deep fakes, misinformation, malicious content, fake news, and breaches of privacy. It’s not an accident, it’s a malevolent technology, exactly like social media, which is a malicious, pernicious, evil technology. It is the narcissist’s technology. It has the brand of the narcissist on it, to go religious on you. Beware, and whenever you use artificial intelligence ask yourself, “had this been a narcissist would I have behaved the same, would have been this open, would have been this trusting, would have been this cooperative?” If your answer is no, turn off the AI chatbot, and move into safer and healthier grounds. Because narcissists are now rendering themselves electronic, they’re creating electronic clones and versions of themselves via technology. And this is becoming seriously dangerous. An extinction threat, literally.

Not because artificial intelligence would supplant the human species, but because it will subdue it, it will poison its mind, it would take over, because that’s what narcissists do to you. Narcissists brainwash you, and entrain you, and snatch your mind, and take over, a hostile takeover. Before you know it you, are the robotic hand of the narcissist. Uou have been deanimated, objectified, instrumentalized, parentified, rendered nothing but a figment, an artifact, in the narcissist’s shared fantasy. Beware of extending this state of things into the digital electronic realm. Don’t collaborate. Don’t let it pass. Rebel.

The narcissist lives from a very empty existence internally. It’s what Kernberg referred to as the emptiness, and Seinfeld called The Empty Schizoid Core. This is due to the fact that this child never got to individuate or manifest into person of their own. An individual. They overcompensated before that stage of development by trying to be perfect and sacrificing their true selves for a hallucination of themselves, a grandiosity bubble, and a false self, in order to be protected from the reality around them that they could not defend against. Now, that empty schizoid core causes them a huge amount of suffering and that’s why they try to avoid it at all costs. That’s why they devalue you, essentially. You see, if you pierce the veil of their grandiosity, their shield, if you have autonomy and agency as your own person, that to them is a deep betrayal. Might not make sense to you, but the reason why is because you’re supposed to be an internal interject in their mind, a snapshotted version of yourself that remains constant, you’re just an ambassador and an endorsement of their own hallucination. You’re not supposed to be your own person, and once you are or show signs of it, to them that creates anxiety, abandonment anxiety that’s why they devalue and discard, to essentially avoid rejection and their own abandonment.

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