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How New Default Consensus Realities Instantiate (aka, #WT5GF of #DCNRs)

5 February 2024

How DARE You?!

by metavalent

How dare you look actuality directly in the eye, and call it out for what it is?

Ain’t easy among actualities of liars, thieves, abusers-of-public-trust and interpersonal power.

Who defines Right-To-Know, Need-To-Know, not just about our devices, but about our very lives? By what authority?

Who watches the watchers watching the watchers?

”[When] you form a hypothesis and test it and it turns out to be true; that shot of adrenaline, all of a sudden understanding what’s going on, that is what drives me. Just understanding something.” — Sean “xobs” Cross

“As a behavioral scientist, we are just now exploring the cognitive effects that technology has on us. What I have seen so far, is not good.” — Ja-naé Duane

“I want people to be in control of their life, and their destiny. I feel people should have agency. There is no magic in this technology.” — Andrew “bunnie” Huang

Watch The Hacktivist, Award Winning Short Film Documentary if the embed does not behave nicely.

“Everything that is hidden will be seen. Everything that is secret will be known and come to light” (Luke 8:17).

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