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How New Default Consensus Realities Instantiate (aka, #WT5GF of #DCNRs)

28 February 2024

Bionic Hand Update

by metavalent

“Human augmentation is set to transform the way we live, enhancing our physical abilities and unlocking longer lifespans.” @EsperBionics

We are building the first bionic ecosystem of connected devices to push the boundaries of human potential. — Esper Bionics.

When Yet Another That’ll Never Happen (TNH) Happens.

Watch Ancient origami art🤝futuristic bionic tech (#humanaugmentation #shorts) if the embed does not behave nicely.


Tragic Tangents™. A tangent is the exactingly precise most salient full-spectrum 4-Game observation touching the circle of the present moment, to which the vast majority of humans are (often willfully) ignorant, or worse, play dumb as a form of communal gaslighting. Think of a vastly more woke, diverse, and inclusive open-ended ARG version of Mean Girls. Some will invariable use these most recent incredible cyborg advances to justify all manner of overt and covert violence toward hybrid-humans and supporters of technological human augmentation. Zealous disciples of the Unabomber Manifesto who simply learned that they have to be more covert than sending bombs. Some go so far as to screech in unholy hatred toward any hybridization of humans with robotics, while themselves only still alive because of a pace-maker; or who can only see with contact lenses; or who can only hear with hearing aids; who stalk and predate by way of the very OSINT technologies they claim to descry. By hypocritically and ignorantly instantiating such beliefs into actions, such behaviors act as a cognitive-behaviorial vote for a Bladerunner scenario, IRL. A self-fulfilling prophecy. Like working to create Armageddon in order to be right. Not good. Do not believe the speaker. Look into these matters for yourself.

The Tragic Tangent™ is how shockingly-many humans find a distorted sense of meaning and purpose in creating negative, negating, and counterproductive TNH’s in the lives of others for their own grotesque sense of superiority, revenge, or entertainment. Especially in Cultures of Complicity.

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