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How New Default Consensus Realities Instantiate

10 March 2024

What is the Nature of Turning Points?

by metavalent

“We as human beings are responsible for all this.”

Watch The turning point is in our consciousness | Krishnamurti if the embed does not behave nicely.


As we said, the turning point is in our consciousness. Our consciousness is a very complicated affair. Volumes have been written about it, both in the East and in the West. We are not aware of our own consciousness, and to examine that complicated consciousness one has to be free to look, to be choicelessly aware of its movement. And that is what we are going to do, together. When we use the word ‘together,’ it is not that the speaker is directing you to look at it in a particular way, or to listen to all the movement, inward movement of our consciousness.

We are together looking at consciousness, which is not yours or mine, theirs or his. Consciousness is common to all mankind. All mankind, whether they live in the Far East or Near East, West or in the far West, that consciousness with all its content, is common to all mankind. When you go to India or the Far East, there they suffer inwardly as well as outwardly, as here. They are anxious, uncertain, utterly, despairingly lonely, as you are here. They have no security. They are jealous, greedy, envious, suffering. And in the West it is the same thing. So human consciousness is one whole, it is not your consciousness or mine, it is the consciousness of humanity.

PKD wrote, “The Empire never ended.” In contrast, Krishnamurti taught, “The Global Brain always existed.” Implying a David Bohm-like eternal Both, And state, the implicate order.

Please understand this. It is logical, sane, rational. Because wherever you go, in whatever clime you live, whether you are affluent, or degradingly poor, whether you believe in God or in Christ or in some other entity, the belief, the faith is common to all mankind. The picture may vary, the image may be different, the symbol may be totally different from another, but that is common to all mankind.

The Narrow Gate

This is not a mere verbal statement. If you take it as a verbal statement, as an idea, as a concept, then you will not see the depth of it, the deep significance involved in this. The significance is that your consciousness is the consciousness of all humanity. Because you suffer, you are anxious, you are lonely, insecure, confused, exactly like another who lives ten thousand miles away from you. The realization of it, the feeling of it, the feeling in your guts, if I may use that word, is totally different from mere verbal acceptance of that. When one realizes that you are the rest of mankind, it brings, you have a tremendous energy, you have broken through the narrow groove of individuality, the narrow circle of me and you, they and we. And we are going to examine together this very, very complex consciousness of man. Not the European man, not the Asiatic man, or the Middle East man, but this extraordinary movement that has been going on for millions of years as conscious movement in time.

Please, don’t accept what the speaker is saying, because then it will have no meaning. But if you begin to doubt, you begin to question, be skeptical to enquire. Not hold on to your own particular belief, faith, experience, or the accumulated knowledge that you have been given, or that you have; and reduce it all to some kind of petty little ‘me’. If you do that, you will not – if one may point out very respectfully – you are not facing the tremendous issue that is facing man. [Especially, and more urgently than ever, in this Post-Automation Era of AI].

So, [by] together, I mean together – not you think one way, I think another – together, as human beings confronted with this tremendous danger of existence of the whole of humanity. Because the atom bomb, the wars, whether it is in the Middle East or somewhere else, the terror that is spreading all over the world; the kidnapping, the killing, the brutality of it all, we as human beings are responsible for all this. So we have to examine very closely and carefully the state of consciousness. We understand the meaning of that word: to be conscious, to be aware, to recognize, to see what our actual consciousness is.

Isn’t it because of these principles that we can each express our pathetically puny and partial understandings of the eternal in the language of our culture of origin, without fear of reprisal? Isn’t this what freedom of religion means? To speak and believe in the sacredness of that which exceeds our capacity to comprehend, without granting the slightest permission to mock, scorn, ridicule, or demean us for our particular articulations of the transcendental commonly accessible understanding that cannot but be experienced and practiced in alignment and harmony of the utmost human values, intentions, and behaviors? Else, does not our understanding of the transcendental commonly accessible understanding – the fruit of the Spirit, the living Dharma – fall short? How can we hate a Muslim, a Hindu, a Buddhist, a Christian, a Jew? While hate is overwhelmingly, obviously accessible to humans, to indulge ourselves in it is perhaps the fundamental transgression that defines the existence of free will by contradiction. This Eternity, which we presently inhabit by definition, obviously contains hate, because we know it firsthand. Why? From this perspective, hatred is reserved as the healthy boundary of the holy, the sanctuary of the sacred – denying the existence of hate only gives it room to metastasize and poison the environment; there is a legitimate place and role for hate – that place and role is simply not in the hands or hearts of rash, rushed, reprobate, half-aware humans.

Take note, there are six things the Eternal hates; no, make it seven He abhors: Eyes that look down on others, a tongue that can’t be trusted hands that shed innocent blood, A heart that conceives evil plans, feet that sprint toward evil, A false witness who breathes out lies, and anyone who stirs up trouble among the faithful (Prov 6:16-19).

We are each the products of our genetics, families, cultures, and infinite untold, subtle, consciously imperceptible influences, causes and conditions. The way this is expressed in my culture of origin is:

What if I speak in the most elegant languages of people or in the exotic languages of the heavenly messengers, but I live without love? Well then, anything I say is like the clanging of brass or a crashing cymbal. What if I have the gift of prophecy, am blessed with knowledge and insight to all the mysteries, or what if my faith is strong enough to scoop a mountain from its bedrock, yet I live without love? If so, I am nothing. I could give all that I have to feed the poor, I could surrender my body to be burned as a martyr, but if I do not live in love, I gain nothing by my selfless acts.

Paul boils it all down for the believers in Corinth. Religious people often spend their time practicing rituals, projecting dogma, and going through routines that might look like Christianity on the outside but that lack the essential ingredient that brings all of it together—love! It is a loving God who birthed creation and now pursues a broken people in the most spectacular way. That same love must guide believers, so faith doesn’t appear to be meaningless noise.

Love is patient; love is kind. Love isn’t envious, doesn’t boast, brag, or strut about. There’s no arrogance in love; it’s never rude, crude, or indecent—it’s not self-absorbed. Love isn’t easily upset. Love doesn’t tally wrongs or celebrate injustice; but truth—yes, truth—is love’s delight! Love puts up with anything and everything that comes along; it trusts, hopes, and endures no matter what. 8 Love will never become obsolete. Now as for the prophetic gifts, they will not last; unknown languages will become silent, and the gift of knowledge will no longer be needed. Gifts of knowledge and prophecy are partial at best, at least for now, but when the perfection and fullness of God’s kingdom arrive, all the parts will end. When I was a child, I spoke, thought, and reasoned in childlike ways as we all do. But when I became a man, I left my childish ways behind. For now, we can only see a dim and blurry picture of things, as when we stare into polished metal. I realize that everything I know is only part of the big picture. But one day, when Jesus arrives, we will see clearly, face-to-face. In that day, I will fully know just as I have been wholly known by God. But now faith, hope, and love remain; these three virtues must characterize our lives. The greatest of these is love (1 Cor 13).

Count on this: God is faithful and in His faithfulness called you out into an intimate relationship with His Son, our Lord Jesus the Anointed. My brothers and sisters, I urge you by the name of our Lord Jesus, the Anointed, to come together in agreement. Do not allow anything or anyone to create division among you. Instead, be restored, completely fastened together with one mind and shared judgment. I have heard troubling reports from Chloe’s people that you, my siblings, are consumed by fighting and petty disagreements. What I have heard is that each of you is taking sides, saying, “I am with Paul,” or “I am with Apollos,” or “I am with Cephas,” or “I am with the Anointed One.” Has the Anointed One been split up into many small pieces? Do you think Paul was crucified for you? Were you ceremonially washed through baptism into the name of Paul? Absolutely not (1 Cor 1)!</small>

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