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How New Default Consensus Realities Instantiate

25 March 2024

Meet Ted Gioai

by metavalent

The Honest Broker.

In his Substack article The State of the Culture, 2024 The Honest Broker maps out the toxic evolution from a culture of meaning to a culture of escape. A culture of art, to a culture of addiction. The salience and urgency of sober response to Ted’s surgically precise dissection can’t be overstated. He’s revealed the tumor; now, how do we carefully excise it without killing the patient?

From Art to Addiction

This is a familiar model for addiction. Only now it is getting applied to culture and the creative world—and billions of people. They are unwitting volunteers in the largest social engineering experiment in human history. So you need to ditch that simple model of art versus entertainment. And even ‘distraction’ is just a stepping stone toward the real goal nowadays—which is addiction.

Learn more about Ted’s work at The Honest Broker.

Dopamine Cultural Evolution

The Digital Dopamine Dealer

The Digital Dopamine Dealer

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