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How New Default Consensus Realities Instantiate (aka, #WT5GF of #DCNRs)

29 March 2024

A Post-Unix Future?

by metavalent

“It seems the way of all development is that you either go up an abstraction just making CRUD apps or whatever, or you go down to the bare metal.” — Ryan Donovon

“I think there’s a higher abstraction layer that’s starting to emerge … where you can do fewer things but you can do them more easily. I guess I think of it as kind of a post-Unix future. Is there kind of an emerging abstraction layer that is not Unix that potentially we can program against in the future but much more rapidly? I think the jury’s still out.” — Ryan Dahl

Listen to Why the creator of Node.js® created a new JavaScript runtime if the embed does not behave nicely.

“And what you would hope is that … you can go back and look at the record or lack of the record maybe, as a signal that you shouldn’t use the package. But you can go look back at the record and at least go back through the steps and say, “Okay, well, Ben published it at this date. I guess we should sue him.” I don’t know, it just gives you a record of where this code is coming from and that is important for trust. It’s building up a web of trust.” — Ryan Dahl

This is what Ted Nelson wanted for text with Project Xanadu in 1960! Nelson wanted this functionality in the context of the provenance of novel insights, ideas, and conceptual frameworks – intellectual property, especially the kind of IP that was initial dismissed by the present Passive-Aggressive Polite Society Bastions of Default Consensus Reality as worthless or trivial, and which later become adopted by others as prescient and valuable.

Basically, protecting the nobodies of history from the endless legacy of bullies beating them up and taking their lunch money. Shaking down the weakling nerdly genius for ideas while claiming only execution matters, and implementing those ideas as their own. Tale as old as time, right?

On an infinitesimally trivial scale, the expressions Metavalent and Post-Automation were lifted from the internet without attribution to the originator (ibid) over the past decade or so, and now becoming increasingly stigmergic in other contexts, with zero attribution, right?

It’s fine if we upgrade 20th century economics for Open Source Civilization as defined in the book, but not so pono in the lingering legacy intellectual property context. It is theft in broad daylight that “nobody will notice,” and besides, “it’s only IP theft if the loser-artist-creative-originator can afford to sue us, so take it and run with it,” right?

These are some kernel-level and machine-code reasons why life in this DMZ between 20th century and 21st century default consensus narrative realities (DCNRs) is so kludgy and sketch, right?

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