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How New Default Consensus Realities Instantiate (aka, #WT5GF of #DCNRs)

13 June 2024

A Global Brain Proof of Stake, Work, Time, Space

by metavalent

Conversations imagined 50 years ago when we architected and built the Global Brain

They told us the #GlobalBrain was an impossible sci-fi fantasy. One must never underestimate the sheer eternal liberating joyful bliss of irrevocable Plain Old Vindication.

“Picture it is in terms of causal structure. So, if you think about the history of the universe to get to you, and you imagine that that entire history is you, that is the picture I have in my mind when I look at every living thing.”

“A theory of everything must also explain the theory.” — Sara Walker

And the theorizer(s). “Let us make mankind in our image.” :laughing:

Watch [ Sara Walker: Physics of Life, Time, Complexity, and Aliens Lex Fridman Podcast #433]( if the embed does not behave nicely.

I refer to this perspective as Material Vitalism. It kind of both turns things on their head and makes surprising sense to consider, paraphrasing, “that which is emergent is that which is fundamental.” :exploding_head:

Sara: “If you’re a really deep thinker, and you’re really thinking about reality that deeply, and you are part of the reality that you’re trying to describe, you feel it, you really feel it.”

Lex: “That’s what I was saying, like walking along the cliff. If you fall off you’re falling into madness.”

“Yes it’s a constant constant descent in madness.”

“The fascinating thing about physicists and madness is that you don’t know if you’ve fallen off the cliff.”

“I know. You don’t know. That’s the cool thing about [why] I rely on other people to tell me. Actually, this is very funny, because I have these conversations with my students often. Like they’re worried about going crazy and I have to like reassure them that, one of the reasons they’ll stay sane is by trying to work on concrete problems.”

“Going crazy or waking up, I don’t know which one which one it is.”

What is the name of the phenomenon when it seems like another human being is able to speak your own subjective experience better than you can? From the first slide deck I ever saw, I was like, “Thank God! Finally, someone speaking with a modicum of completeness and clarity!” Short of Gödel and Shannon limitations, of course. Granted, this happens a lot with me these days, because there are a staggering number of people finally doing the same, each in a uniquely precise, vital, and essential way.

Thank you, humanity, for all you share, all you care, all the hope and promise and faith and optimism you embody, despite the worst that Moloch’s Minions throw at us.

I love you. Yes, even and especially YOU, because you finally revealed your truest, most vicious, and vindictive self for what you are, which forced me to acknowledge and accept my own willful blindness. You made me a far better human being that I could have otherwise ever imagined. Thank you. :pray:

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