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How New Default Consensus Realities Instantiate (aka, #WT5GF of #DCNRs)

17 June 2024

Sooo ... HAPPY

by metavalent

Since Day One

Can you believe this October marks the 20th Anniversary of this site? That’s hilarious.

Since day one there was only one objective — #FAAFO > #FOMO — and boy, have we ever excelled and exceeded on every metric. Good, bad, ugly, beautiful. Expected and unexpected. Believable and unbelievable. Both And. Always. Plus one. Multiplied or divided by zero. Who ever said the math ended there, or that eternity was not always exactly, precisely, and wholly, right here, right now? 🤣

While I still never learned to code properly, today, with AI-assist and Jupyter Labs, it appears that perhaps my divergent epi-phenomonal prioritization (um, only YOU ever called it procrastination, a smear and devaluation which I allowed and mistakenly internalized for far too long) is paying off. This is a #draft-bookmark for a much deeper dive later.

Anyway, when this all started, many people were calling us a strange and alien “People of the Screen.” On the pejorative side, as if we were semi- or fully delusional for saying things like, “It’s all RL,” and insisting that there was not some bizarre otherworldly place called “cyberspace” or a barely-there “half-life” as depicted by science fiction writers.

Today, by contrast, anybody who is not living RL online is almost by default held suspect in some way. The bumper sticker “It’s all RL,” has aged surprisingly well, taking on an entirely new meaning where RL includes AI.

Call it “hallucination” all you want, today, “It’s all RL” now includes “AI is RL.”

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