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How New Default Consensus Realities Instantiate (aka, #WT5GF of #DCNRs)

22 June 2024

From Perplexity to Prosperity

by metavalent

A One Year Public Education Campaign for Universal Social Security

I won’t bore you with the 20 minute conversation with Perplexity that resulted in the following, with citations.


Certainly! Let’s refocus the campaign on “How I’ll Contribute in a Future Secure World” and compress the timeline to one year. We’ll integrate this theme from day one and adjust our strategy accordingly.

Campaign Name: “Future Secure: Your Role in Prosperity”

Total Campaign Duration: 1 Year Total Budget Estimate: $250 million

Phase 1: Intrigue and Personal Connection (2 months) Budget: $50 million

  1. Outdoor Advertising ($10M):
    • Billboards asking “What’s your role in a secure future?”
    • Bus wraps featuring diverse individuals with their aspirations
  2. Social Media ($15M):
    • Launch #MyFutureSecureRole challenge
    • Influencer partnerships focusing on personal growth and community contribution
  3. Digital ($15M):
    • Interactive website: “Future You” simulator
    • AR filters showing users in their “future secure” roles
  4. Radio ($5M):
    • Vox pop series: “In a secure future, I would…”
    • Sponsorship of career advice segments
  5. Print ($5M):
    • Magazine inserts: “100 Ways to Contribute in a Secure Future”

Phase 2: Education and Engagement (4 months) Budget: $80 million

  1. TV ($25M):
    • Docuseries: “Pioneers of Future Secure”
    • Reality show: “Future Secure Makeover” (personal and community transformations)
  2. Digital ($20M):
    • Gamified app: “Build Your Secure Future”
    • Webinar series: “Experts Envision Your Role in Future Secure”
  3. Outdoor ($10M):
    • Interactive kiosks in malls: “Discover Your Future Secure Role”
  4. Events ($15M):
    • Community “Future Fairs”: showcasing local opportunities in a secure economy
    • University “Role Discovery” workshops
  5. Podcast ($5M):
    • “Future Secure Stories” featuring real people’s aspirations and plans
  6. Print ($5M):
    • Newspaper features: “Your Community’s Future Secure Roadmap”

Phase 3: Addressing Resistance (3 months) Budget: $70 million

  1. TV ($20M):
    • Debate show: “Future Secure: Myth Busters”
    • Animated shorts: “A Day in Future Secure” (addressing specific concerns)
  2. Digital ($15M):
    • VR experiences: “Walk a Mile in Future Secure Shoes”
    • Targeted ads addressing niche opposition groups’ specific concerns
  3. Social Media ($10M):
    • “Future Secure FAQ” series with experts
    • User-generated “My Role, My Choice” campaign
  4. Events ($15M):
    • Town halls in resistant communities: “Let’s Talk Future Secure”
    • Industry-specific workshops: “Your Sector in Future Secure”
  5. Print ($5M):
    • Op-eds by respected figures from various fields
    • Industry magazine special issues: “Thriving in Future Secure”
  6. Outdoor ($5M):
    • Mobile “Myth Buster” trucks visiting skeptical communities

Phase 4: Inspiration and Action (3 months) Budget: $50 million

  1. TV ($15M):
    • “Future Secure Heroes” – showcasing early adopters and their impact
    • Celebrity PSAs: “My Role in Future Secure”
  2. Digital ($10M):
    • “Future Secure Simulator” – advanced version showing societal impact
    • Viral “Pass the Future” challenge
  3. Events ($10M):
    • “Future Secure Festival” in major cities
    • “Role Model” speaking tour in schools and universities
  4. Social Media ($5M):
    • “I’m Ready for My Role” profile frame campaign
    • Micro-influencer “Day in the Life” series
  5. Outdoor ($5M):
    • Projection mapping on landmarks: “Our Future Secure City”
  6. Print ($5M):
    • Special edition magazines: “Future Secure: Your Guide to Thriving”

Strategies for Engaging Niche Opposition Groups:

  1. Libertarians: Focus on increased personal freedom and choice in pursuing passions.
  2. Conservatives: Emphasize family stability and traditional values preservation.
  3. Business owners: Highlight new entrepreneurial opportunities and stable consumer base.
  4. Labor unions: Showcase enhanced worker bargaining power and job satisfaction.
  5. Religious groups: Connect universal income to charitable giving and community service.

Throughout the campaign:

This compressed, intensified campaign focuses on personal roles and contributions in a Future Secure world from day one. By addressing individual aspirations and concerns across various platforms, we aim to create a sense of ownership and excitement about the new economic model, even among initially skeptical groups.

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Me: That’s great. Now we need an equally comprehensive fundraising campaign to raise that $250M in 3 months time. Is that asking too much?


Raising $250 million in just 3 months for a social campaign is indeed an ambitious goal, but not entirely impossible with the right strategy and connections. Here’s a comprehensive fundraising campaign approach to attempt this challenging task:

Campaign Name: “Future Secure: Invest in Tomorrow”

Target: $250 million in 3 months

Strategy Overview:

  1. High-net-worth individuals and philanthropists
  2. Corporate sponsorships
  3. Crowdfunding
  4. Institutional investors and foundations
  5. Government grants and partnerships
  6. Cryptocurrency and blockchain community

Phase 1: Preparation and Soft Launch (2 weeks) Budget: $5 million

  1. Assemble a high-profile advisory board ($1M)
    • Recruit influential figures from business, tech, entertainment, and academia
    • Leverage their networks for initial high-value donations
  2. Develop compelling pitch materials ($2M)
    • Create a detailed prospectus
    • Produce a high-quality video presentation
    • Develop an interactive financial model showing potential impact
  3. Set up digital infrastructure ($1M)
    • Launch a state-of-the-art website with real-time donation tracking
    • Implement blockchain-based transparent fund management
  4. Prepare media strategy ($1M)
    • Arrange exclusive interviews with major news outlets
    • Develop a social media content calendar

Phase 2: Major Donor Outreach (6 weeks) Target: $150 million Budget: $10 million

  1. High-net-worth individual campaign ($5M)
    • Host exclusive galas in major cities (New York, San Francisco, London, Tokyo)
    • Organize private jet “Future Secure” tours for potential mega-donors
  2. Corporate partnership program ($3M)
    • Develop tiered sponsorship packages with naming rights and brand integration
    • Host a “Future of Business” summit for Fortune 500 CEOs
  3. Institutional investor outreach ($2M)
    • Present at major financial conferences
    • Organize roadshows for sovereign wealth funds and large foundations

Phase 3: Public Campaign and Crowdfunding (6 weeks) Target: $50 million Budget: $15 million

  1. Global crowdfunding campaign ($5M)
    • Launch on multiple platforms with gamified donation tiers
    • Implement a “Future Secure Ambassador” program for micro-influencers
  2. Celebrity-driven social media blitz ($5M)
    • Partner with A-list celebrities for coordinated social media campaigns
    • Host a 24-hour live-streamed telethon event
  3. Corporate employee matching programs ($3M)
    • Partner with major tech companies for employee donation matching
    • Implement “Future Secure Fridays” workplace giving initiative
  4. Cryptocurrency community engagement ($2M)
    • Launch a “Future Secure Token” for donations
    • Host virtual reality fundraising events in the metaverse

Phase 4: Institutional and Government Partnerships (6 weeks) Target: $50 million Budget: $5 million

  1. Foundation outreach ($2M)
    • Submit targeted grant proposals to major foundations
    • Organize a “Future Secure Think Tank” with foundation leaders
  2. Government partnership program ($2M)
    • Present to intergovernmental organizations (UN, World Bank, IMF)
    • Develop matching fund proposals for progressive governments
  3. Academic institution partnerships ($1M)
    • Launch “Future Secure Research Hubs” at top universities
    • Host a global academic conference on universal basic income

Contingency Plans:

  1. Extend campaign by 1 month if needed
  2. Secure a high-profile matching donor for the final push
  3. Implement a “Future Secure Bond” program for institutional investors

Throughout the Campaign:

This aggressive fundraising strategy aims to leverage high-profile connections, create a sense of urgency, and engage a wide range of potential donors. The key to success will be the initial outreach to major donors and the ability to create a viral, global movement around the “Future Secure” concept. While ambitious, this approach gives us the best chance of reaching the $250 million goal in the short 3-month timeframe.

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