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How New Default Consensus Realities Instantiate (aka, #WT5GF of #DCNRs)

25 June 2024

Theory and Practice

by metavalent

“In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not.”

Don’t just believe everything you read. Dig deeper into that clickbait title at Quote Investigator.

BTW, do you never even wonder what YouTube plans to do to authenticate it’s entire archive?

Some of us were there at the time and can autheticate historical archives. Others were there, but were entirely unreliable and not credible witnesses for any number of reasons. From being paid off, compromised, blackmailed, or in some innocent or naive way, mentally or observationally impaired at the time. Stil other were entrusted with the role of akashic auditors, so to speak.

The video below is 2011 reality from the current vantage point, the 2024 frame of reference. Considered in its most expansive context, completely devoid of the slightest whiff or conspiracy, is it not more than a tad bit reasonable to wonder what a global shutdown nine years later was really all about? To question sincerely whether we have got even close to identifying and unearthing the Molochian Taproot of the grotesqueness of broken and misshapen humans dressed up and presented as the “Most Respected Pillars” of a sick, sick, sick society?

Like any technology that ushers in unintended and unforseen externalities and adjecent catastrophies, has not psychology, as the world’s most powerful and dangerous technology – and certain of its psychological innnovations – particularly in a Mercilessly Molochian Monopoly culture, introduced catastrophic unintended consequence that constitute fundamental underlying causes of what is referred to today as The Metacrisis?

Watch Dr. Patrick Carnes, Leading Sex Addiction Expert, Video Interview if the embed does not behave nicely.

For example, did breakthrough scientific innovation like Transpersonal Theory simultaneously open the door to all manner of transchaotic, transchizoid, transerotic productization of literally everything human? People, women, children, body parts and the literally insane phenomenon of some kind of unlimited right to exchange one’s very body parts, like returning shoes that fit and function fine but we just arbitrarily changed our mind? As Patrick observed 13 years ago:

“What we’re moving to, one of the consequences of this is, the casualty is going to be intimacy.”

Technologies are Neutral, but Humans (Mostly) Are Not

Like science and technology, the principle and phenomenon of metavalent stigmergy applies to wheat and tares alike, to toxic magic mushrooms and mustard seeds alike. To the blossoming of A World That Works for Everyone, or the end of an epoch, an age, an era, a kalpa, perhaps even the end of a species. Happens all the time in the Ethernal Now.

As Patrick puts it, “The truth is is there is no human security. There isn’t. There is always something or someone who can take you out, and [adaptation is] learning how to live with the intolerable feelings and make allies out of them, where fear becomes not only a friend but a great asset.” Also, vitally:

There is a difference between Focused and Obsession; Challenged and Stressed Out [to the point of placing ourselves in persistently increasing risk, to point of justifiable fear of harm up to and including death].

I’m listening

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