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How New Default Consensus Realities Instantiate

18 January 2008

Why I Believe in Intelligent Design

by metavalent

  1. Because the “Big Bang” was also first proposed by a theologian, and emotionally and irrationally opposed by scientists who were all too ready to shoot the messenger; doing no better than their superstitious historical opponents. Personally, I find such intellectually bigoted behavior ultimately embarrassing; particularly when exhibited by those for whom I greatly prefer to hold in the highest possible esteem.
  2. I do not think we are “there” yet … but the various interdisciplinary efforts currently ongoing at the various layers of existential resolution. I’m not speaking merely of philosophy, but of existential layers of matter and energy.

Despite some problems in audio/video sync that I observed when I viewed these videos, I think that they are at the very least worthy as a diversionary form of entertainment. At best, they might even strike upon some of the issues that seem to entertain aspiring transhuman or posthuman minds with the occasional some glancing blow of the random illuminating photon. Hey, nobody ever said that adapting to supra-substrate immortality was going to be easy … if it were, everyone would have done it long ago, right?