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CALO - Cognitive Assistant that Learns and Organizes

Thanks, as so often is the case, to the EpiSupraMeta KurzweilAI for the tip:

CALO stands for Cognitive Assistant that Learns and Organizes. The name was inspired by the Latin word calonis, “soldier’s servant,” because DARPA’s goal is to create a cognitive system that can reason, learn, and respond to surprise in order to assist in military situations. The CALO project brings together leading computer scientists and researchers in artificial intelligence, perception, machine learning, natural language processing, knowledge representation, multimodal dialog, cyber-awareness, human-computer interaction, and flexible planning. The single research focus of all these experts is to create an integrated system that can “learn in the wild”—that is, adapt to changes in its environment and its user’s goals and tasks without programming assistance or technical intervention. The groundbreaking nature of this ambitious goal is discussed further in the CALO Vision.

And the ever vigilant New Scientist:<blockquote>Another CALO spinoff is Social Kinetics, a social-network analysis package that helps people organise their contacts by criteria that can include relationship and expertise.</blockquote>

Written on July 30, 2009