Metavalent Stigmergy

How New Default Consensus Realities Instantiate

Please Debunk These Equations and Expositions

Discovery of the Unified Field. Really? Unquestionably? Close enough to be worthy of some continued consideration, or wholly falsifiable and empirically disproved either mathematically, experimentally, or by both?

I don’t have anywhere near the math skills required to prove or disprove the equations below. I don’t possess anywhere near the objectivity required to prove or disprove the various claims and associated implications.

Some of these ideas would indeed provide some semblance of (yet to be validated) support for a memetherapy “strange beliefs” brain parade contribution I made in 2006 that a rational derivation of Intelligent Design would indeed be found to be Scientifically Verifiable with ZERO need for the involvement or existence of God. Therefore, I must recuse myself from these deliberations due to my pre-existing bias that the human brain will be found to be as much antennae for universally embedded intelligence throughout all existence as adaptive processor for continued survival on a ravenously Darwinian planet.

My suspicion (and it is only that, a suspicion, a hunch) is that both – antenna and adaptive predatory advantage – can and will be shown to be equally true of the brain. Just as our glancing evidence of unparticles will shortly be revealed and refined in ways that help to plug myriad gaps in the Standard Model as well as help to provide some nano-assembly finesse for our otherwise Smalley-identified fat fingers (which even the immortal and well-intentioned Chris Phoenix seems to somewhat mis-characterize; there are no “fingers,” right? Smalley is talking about requisite subatomic FORCES that act as fingers; the pointy molecules in this animation still have to “hold on” and “let go” without doing more harm than good, right?) .

But I digress. Just as Simon Singh reminded us that the Big Bang Theory originated from a full-blown, evangelical, collar-wearing theologian (Georges Lemaitre) and was initially characterized as a Religious Plot to co-opt science; another suggestion was that a turn of the millennium knee jerk reactions to certain variations of Intelligent Design would be revealed for what they were: modern day bigoted and fearful hyperventilations from otherwise very intelligent and educated humans – scientists, no less!

It’s very disappointing, indeed, when people whom I regard as clearly and vastly more intelligent, educated, and accomplished than myself display such uncritical histrionics. Alas, perhaps this reaction of mine is just more evidence of my own lack of maturity in continuing to inordinately elevate and idolize certain other humans based merely upon the publication of a book, a finding, an award, an insight, invention, or other sociologically esteemed accomplishment.

So, I would greatly value the community’s DELIBERATION (read: no knee jerk reactions or impulsive reactive screeds, please) to these mathematical expressions and graphical depictions. Thank you.

Source: MCU 1 and 2.

Source: Invincibility.Org

Bottom line: this could be the work of complete crackpots, or it could be the work of some damned brave pioneers. The truth has proven time and time again to be stranger than fiction; finding and maintaining a sustainable and adaptive balance between open mindedness and critical thinking continues to be a lifelong pursuit.

Written on January 27, 2008