Metavalent Stigmergy

How New Default Consensus Realities Instantiate

What if all our something is actually the larger context's nothing?

What if the vast majority of matter turns out to be dark matter and everything we are ever capable of observing turns out to be the minority missing bits from the dominant dark’s perspective? These questions are externalities to the actual subject of the posted article, but in any case:<blockquote>Good science requires a willingness to take anomalous observations seriously and to question even our most deeply held assumptions about the world.</blockquote>Without, of course, throwing out every previously won theory for every slightest anomoly. NewScientist adds that Thomas Kuhn wrote:<blockquote>By ensuring that the paradigm will not be too easily surrendered, resistance guarantees that scientists will not be lightly distracted and that the anomalies that lead to paradigm change will penetrate existing knowledge to the core.</blockquote>SOURCE: New Scientist Space Blog: Are we living in a giant cosmic void?.

Written on July 21, 2008