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How New Default Consensus Realities Instantiate

31 May 2009

How many simulated advanced civilization gods can you fit on the tip of an atomic-scale scanning probe manipulator?

by metavalent

File under “previously considered highly unlikely sources” for transhumanist philosophical spelunking? On the other hand, as more and more religions attempt to assimilate transhumanist principles into their respective canons; that can only assist the transreligious cause of transhuman progress, no?<blockquote>It’s true that if an advanced civilization could create a simulation indistinguishable from the natural universe, we very well may be in one. We may be brains in a jar, or batteries for robots. We can speculate about some meta-reality above our own, whether it be a computer program or an alternate dimension, but there’s no reason to think any of them might be true. Without any evidence, even if we are in a simulation, it’s more reasonable to assume that we aren’t.

Indeed, without any evidence, we can’t distinguish any of these possibilities. It may be that we are just feeding electrical energy into the robots that rule the planet. This isn’t any more or less likely than any other simulation (or creation story) we might suggest.</blockquote>